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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Treating Myself Better - which is about my weekend, some health thoughts and my game.

January 30
Treating Myself Better

Friday night was a whole lot of fun. Leigh-Ann, Dave and I went out dancing to the Mercury. Though, I didn't do any dancing. Mostly, I just drank, listened to the music, people watched and flirted. It was a very good time despite a violent reaction to too much smoke early in the evening. After I got over that, the rest of the even was faboo.

I admit, I was a bad, bad girl and teased a certain cutie I knew was taken. I didn't expect him to kiss me but, you know, I'm not sorry at all for tempting him. It was all harmless cuddling and kissing. I was feeling wicked and he ended up in my line of sight. I am all for being "friendly" without making a relationship out of it as long as everyone is aware of that from the beginning.

Plus, after my recent rejection, it was nice to know I still had it. I think that was worth more than a dozen pep talks. Let's just hope I didn't get him in too much trouble. Heh.


Sweet! Hans and I have finally found an acceptable Chinese place to eat at! They have the best egg drop soup and really good prawns in lobster sauce. It was good enough to remind us of Chef Liu's. It's a bit out of the way but well worth going to, to satisfy the Chinese food craving. For those of you not in CA, you have no idea what a find this was for Hans and I. We used to go out for Chinese food at least once a week when we worked for PlaceWare in Mountain View.

So, now, we have a favorite British place, a favorite Japanese place, a favorite Indian place and a favorite Chinese place. I'm not sure where we are on Thai or Mexican place. I know I like Ooba's but I don't think Hans really considers that Mexican. Maybe we'll have to check out a couple of restaurants around town.


I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to treat my body better than I have. That means, I'm going to continue my limiting my caffeine intake and, after Dundracon, I think I'm going to cut alcohol out of my diet for a while. Maybe a long while. I don't know. I noticed that it was really hard for me to deal with my lack of 3pm mocha. Physically and mentally. I craved the taste of it and I missed the little ritual of going down stairs, leaving my office, to get one. I want to be able to enjoy the occasional mocha, not need it on a daily basis. Plus, saving the money and calories doesn't hurt.

As for alcohol, I've never been a big alcohol drinker. I've started drinking more than I ever did lately now that I'm going out clubbing and to parties. I actually bought some alcohol for me for home and, knowing my addictive personality, this is not a good thing. I know I've started drinking more in order to relax after work but, again, I want to be able to enjoy alcohol, not need it.

Also, it really is time for me to get back on the exercise wagon. I need to if I want to continue my weight loss and to continue making myself more healthy. I know I will never be a model but I know I want to get of my blood pressure medicine and to feel better. My vacation is over. Plus, I want to look good for my cruise, darn it!


My 7th Sea game is now off to a good start. So far, everyone is picking up the clues I want them to pick up and the plot line, more or less, is being followed. Of course, we've only had one game and everyone is getting warmed up to their characters. Still, I'm tickled to see how everyone is reacting to the NPCs. I spent some time this afternoon finding some NPC character pictures for the people they have encountered and will encounter.

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