Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

1998 Italian version of Phantom of the Opera

Ok. This 1998 Italian version of The Phantom of the Opera with Julian Sands has got to be the most screwy (albeit entertaining) version of the Phantom story I have ever seen or heard. Here and now, I declare cleolinda must watch and review THIS version of the Phantom story. If you are a good friend of hers, you must convince her to do it. Really. Seriously. Better yet, WATCH her watching it and write a review of her reactions.

Good Side
1. Christine gets to bang the Phantom like every Christine in every version of the Phantom story has always wanted to. Not once but twice!
2. Christine gets terribly upset at having to leave the Phantom because he wants her safe and they are both implicated in the murders.
3. The chandelier lands on people and kills them... messily.
4. Julian Sands as the Phantom. He's always been a favorite bad guy.
5. Lots of sex and visceral imagery

Bad/Weird/Strange Side
1. Raised by rats? Telepathic rats? WTF? No, I'm not kidding.
2. Pedophile opera house owners? WTF?
3. The Phantom's main nemesis is a fucking rat catcher??!!! That's a real WTF?!!
4. The Phantom isn't scarred or ugly. He's just weird or "internally scarred" as the blurb about it explains.
5. Raoul looks like the Prince of Persia and has the sex appeal of a bag of wet mice. There is no wonder at all that Christine prefers the Phantom and has to be drug kicking and screaming from him.

PS: Skip the Robert England version of the Phantom movie. It didn't have any redeeming value. At least, the 1998 unrated version was entertaining.

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