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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Pushing Comfort Zones - which is about how this week is starting out doing just that.

January 23
Pushing Comfort Zones

It appears that this week is going to be all about pushing myself out of my comfort zones. First, I had a scheduled lunch with a friend at the British Pantry. After waiting outside for her for about 25 minutes, it looked like she was a no-show. No idea why. I’m sure I will find out soon enough. It being lunchtime, I was hungry and decided to go eat at the restaurant by myself.

This is a huge deal for me. I've gotten to the point of getting over being uncomfortable at going shopping and to the movies by myself but eating in a restaurant alone makes me feel like Steve Martin in LA Story. You know, the part where the person seating you looks at you funny when you ask for a table for one. I got that questioning look. But, I was hungry and I wasn't going to back out now.

More over, because I'm wearing my usual black and have my funky new hair do, the patrons in this small proper British restaurant kept looking at me askance. Really, I didn't look -that- gothic. Though, enough to get people's attention. Finally, I started looking directly at the people stealing glances, cocking my head and giving them a slight "Yes?" smile. The looks stopped and I felt victorious. Not a bad lunch, considering.

Next up, getting me finally all set up on my new computer. It took a bit more than I expected and I discovered the bastards didn't send me a cord I need for my new printer but, other than that (and one document I forgot to transfer over), it all went fairly smoothly. I always get nervous about dealing with new hardware. The last new computer I bought was over 5 years ago. So, now I have my new one, Roland (named both for the Roland in M. Lackey Valdemar books and the Roland from King's Gunslinger series), and he is doing fine. We are still getting to know one another but I think it will be a very happy and long relationship.

Since I appear to be addicting myself to mochas to the point of craving them at 3pm, one of my victory conditions for the week is to go the full week without caffeine. This should be an interesting challenge. Not too hard since I don't drink sodas and I only drink the mochas at the office. Still, I'm going to have to do something at 3pm. I have found I enjoy "Coffee O'Clock" for the break of getting away from my desk as much as I like the taste of the liquid candy bar I purchase. It will be good for me money and calorie wise.


I've started this new little organizational thing for me by week called "Victory Conditions." Basically, I'm going to be giving myself 2-5 tasks that I really need to get done for the next week, announce them ask my victory conditions for the week and try to get them done. If I do, I win. If I don't, I lose. Pretty simple and kind of cheesy when you think about it, but effective for me. I will probably add little treats for myself for winning a "flawless victory" or a "partial victory" because I like to treat myself.

This week, my victory conditions include setting up my computer (done), getting at least one submission in for White Wolf's novel contest and signing up to work with my favorite personal trainer. Next week's will include getting to the gym three times and something else involving writing.

Tarot Card for the Day: Knight of Cups, Inverted

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