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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Upcoming Change - which is about writing, work and BDSM.

January 14
Upcoming Changes

On the Writing side of things, it is all a go. Well, sorta but that's OK. I just finished my part of writing up 30 characters for the DundraCon 7th Sea LARP, A Dance of Fate, that Bill and I are going to be running. It's taken me a whole lot longer than I thought it would. But, I think it going to be a really good game. Now, it is off to Bill for his pass then a final pass by me. This time, the LARP will be -done- before the day of the LARP, much less the convention.

Also, I'm all over the White Wolf novel writing contest like white on rice. I hear that a lot of the WW novels aren't so good but I have to admit, I've never actually read one of them. So, I don't know. I just know that I already have 2-3 ideas to write up for the contest.

I'm still waiting for the writing contracts for the Painted Horse Games RPG. But, after an informal discussion with them, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable/positive about the contract and my duties. Now, I'm looking forward to the project again. In the meantime, I'm pondering brushing the dirt off of Regresser's Evolution to finally-finally-finally do that last set of edits and start sending it out the door. [Cue: new freelance contract from Sovereign Press, please. *grin* Cause you know something always stops me from getting to RE.]


I had a wonderfully nasty shock at work this last week. The short of it is that my group is being split up because our features are now legacy. I looked it up. It turns out, I've been working on this product for only 2.5 years. I thought it was closer to 3.5 years. In any case, it's been a long, long time. For me to have worked on one product for so long. Now, it's "legacy" and I'm being moved to something new to me. The client side product things. This is a good thing.

The bad thing is the fact that I'm now losing my fabulous team. Worse, I'm losing my fabulous team lead. We are all going to be in the same test group, still. Seeing each other every day. But, I will have a new lead as of March. A new way of doing things again. From the Clueless Boss Beast to the Fab Boss in June. Now, to who knows what. I know the two leads. One, I know nothing about his leadership style. The other seems like he would be a good lead and he is the one I'm most likely going to.

Still, it just makes me upset. I'm really going to miss Patrick as my lead.


On the TMI side of things, I've been thinking about sex and BDSM a lot lately. Part of this is because I have a new crush despite my best efforts not to. It's a far too complicated situation. (What is it about me and complicated men? If the object of my crush isn't gay, he's complicated.) Part of it is a reaction to the recent out-of-control and frustrated feelings I have been having with upcoming changes at work.

This is not unexpected. New crushes always make me think about sex. Though, it's interesting how the thought of a simple good-night kiss is so arousing when, normally, I gloss such things and think about something more hot and heavy. It was something I noticed after yanking myself out of a fantasy at work.

The BDSM stuff is also not unexpected. The more I feel out of control or frustrated, the more I want physical sensation to distract me from my mental woes. Not to mention there is that whole bit about letting go of control and giving it over to someone else so I don't have to worry about the whole reality based mess for a while. Of course, the direct one on one attention isn't bad at all. Having someone completely focused on you. Nothing like it in the world to make you feel special.

Tarot Card for the Day: Knight of Cups

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