Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

2004 Meme

The first line from each month of 2004.

I had my first strange and very emotional dream of the new year. I finally got all my W-2's and such for doing my taxes this year. Abstract Thoughts has been updated with TMI - which is about some of the ups and downs I've had recently. My mom is here now and, surprisingly, Esme is being a major jealous boots. Last night, I watched "XXX" with Vin Diesel. artistic_chaos and hastings10066 left this morning. You are an SRCF--Sober Rational Constructive Follower. Happy New Year and Anniversary to me! I can't seem to get to Gmail from my ibook right now. Well, today is October 1st. Willow and Giles are gone. [A] night is tonight!

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