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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with A New Year - which is just some thoughts on coming about to reality and routine after vacation.

January 8
A New Year

Well, the new year has begun and coming back to work after vacation was both hard and easy. I was to a point where I was ready for a normal routine again but I really wanted that routine not to be a "9-5 work from someone else" job. I spent time over the vacation mentally putting together my ideal of a writing schedule. Then, I mournfully had to put it away and put together a more reality laced writing schedule to work around my 'pay the bills' job because, Lord knows, you can't pay the bills in writing unless you are a King or Rowland of the writing world.

Getting back to work has been pretty good. The schedule we have set for the next couple of weeks is easy stuff. It's a good buffer for the much harder stuff that we are going to have to do in the future. The coding we will all have to be doing. I'm nervous about it. I've never wanted to be a coder but, with the new titles and expectations, it looks like I have no real choice.


On the gaming front, things seem to be gearing up again. I have a couple of new games starting up and I have decided to try and run my own 7th Sea game. So, right now, I have a regular monthly LARP: Shadows of a Crimson Dawn, which is fabulous and I'm having a wonderful time with. I have my Sunset gaming group that meets twice a month and will be starting up Star Wars soon. Also, I have Paul's monthly semi-superhero, semi-horror game that's really hard to describe but a whole lot of fun.. Oh, yes. There is NERO Seattle with its meetings, events and game days.

On the upcoming front, there is the new Heirs to the Fall 2.0 monthly LARP and a possible new one that Corey will be putting together in the new World of Darkness Requiem world. Also, Hans has a Middle Earth game he is interested in running. Finally, it looks like if I want a 7th Sea game to be in, I'm going to have to run it for a while. So, I have one that I am starting up that is going to be vaguely linked to Rich's 7th Sea game.

I'm not sure how all of this is going to with my possible new writing contract for Painted Horse Games. I will probably have to drop a couple of the games.


Weather-wise, we finally got snow here in Redmond. I'm not that thrilled about it because it is cold and wet and I prefer warm weather. At least, no snow. Hopefully, this will be it on the snow front. It's already knocked out my internet connection for most of the weekend which I did not enjoy since I had emailed myself the latest work I had on the DDC LARP that Bill and I are putting together. Instead of getting it done this weekend, I will now have to wait to get it done this week. This is really too bad. I had wanted to get that done this weekend so Bill would have a week or two for his additions. No matter what, the game will be finished before the convention. I'm not going to be stuffing packets an hour before like last time.

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