Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Crunchy Bits

How funny is this? I've come up with a new character concept for the revived Heirs LARP. Rowen Parrish is a bibliophile who owns a bookstore of rare and collectable books. However, one of her crunchy bits is the fact that she LOVES romance novels. Supernatural romance novels to be precise. She may, in fact, have a mad crush on Fabio even.

My mom gave me eight (!) Feehan "Dark" novels for Christmas one year. They are, essentially, vampiric romance novels. There are vampires - the bad guys. There are the Carpathians - vampires who hunt the bad guys. I haven't read any of them. Maybe I should have her reading these at court. How bad would that be? A vampire bibliophile reading vampire romance novels at court.

(Obviously, she has a lot of other useful traits that caused her to be embraced in the first place that I won't mention publicly. I just like to add crunchy bits to my characters that make them seem more like real people. A lot of these crunchy bits are mundane things like modes of dress and media tastes.)

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