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Interesting dream to round out the year with:

Spy Trap

I was in a dance class with a woman who looked like Buffy. While we were practicing our routines, the subject of a gift, a series of picture pendants, I had given friends a couple years back came up. During the course of our conversation, Buffy revealed to me that she was working for the government and that those pendants contained a secret code. She impressed upon me how important it was to get those pendants, pictures of babies, back. I argued with her about it, not certain how to ask my friends for the pendants back. She suggested that I wanted to get them reset. It seemed plausible enough.

So, I went to each of my friends to get the necklaces. Along the way, spies from other countries started trailing us. Buffy said that there must be a leak somewhere. That the other spies had discovered the secret of the picture pendants. That they had microdots placed in them. By this time, the picture pendants were not of babies but of stylized insects. Odd but still pretty.

Once I collected them all, there was a big chase and fight. All of the other agents had teamed up together against us. We were captured and tied up. We couldn't see them but we could hear them as they put together the device. It was five microdots onto one of the pendants that was actually a memory chip. We listened to them put it together and read what was on it.

Suddenly, fighting broke out again. I kept expecting to die, but the fighting seemed all around us but not against us. In the end, there was quiet. Buffy got herself free and freed me. We walked over to the computer screen to read. In every major language was a single line that translated to: "Kill all of the spies with you. That is your mission."

I was horrified. "What happened? How could this be?" I kept looking at all the dead spies.

Buffy, looking very serious and slightly perplexed, murmured "It was a trap. This whole thing was a trap. It was set in motion all those years ago. If the spies were still alive after all those years, they had to have gained a whole lot of power and information. I guess their handlers thought they would be too powerful..."

"Is this what's waiting for you in five or ten years?"

"I don't know."


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