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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Domestic Castle Crawling which is mostly about recent thoughts of past friendships.

December 17
Domestic Castle Crawling

After a weekend away for the annual holiday "get away" and Call of Cthulhu game where Leigh-Ann and I came up with the most twisted part of vampire character "siblings" for the next Vampire game/LARP we both join, I came back to work to finally received my birthday flowers from Yony that included flowers, candy and a teddy bear now called Mercury Teller. Yes, it is a strange name but, it reminds me of certain aspects of people and makes me smile. The flowers were beautiful and had a marvelous scent to them.

This last week at work has been particularly quiet. A good thing, too, since I haven't been feeling the best all week. The next two weeks, the entire RTC group has off - dev, test and PM. I know we have all been really looking forward to it. A bunch of people left on vacation a week early. I think, I hope, everyone will be in good spirits when we get back to work on the third.

As the holiday season draws closer to its climax, I find myself missing old friends more and more. I am not going to California nor to visit family this Christmas. Instead, I am attempting to host an Orphans Christmas. Though, it looks like only one person is even vaguely interested. So, I may do as I have heard that others are doing: Spend Christmas in Middle Earth and watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies - extended versions, of course. That might chase away the holiday blues for a while. Everyone is still invited to drop by.

I've been here for a year and a half now and, as much as I like it in Seattle, sometimes I still feel like a stranger and an outsider. I know it is unrealistic to want the same sense of familiarity and welcome that I felt after 12 years in California in so much less time but that doesn't stop me from wanting it and wanting it right now. Especially since I have been taking a trip down memory lane in the form of game write ups (Tales of the Iridium Rose, North Kingdom Campaign, Port Townsend and the various other crunchy bits of gamer writing I've done). Plus, Leigh-Ann has suggested a trip to Port Townsend because I have been talking about it and the game Alex ran a lot lately. I definitely want to do this.

Actually, since I've been doing a little bit of research on the area, I've discovered a couple of castles and other such interesting spots. Enough that I think I can invest in a little bit of domestic castle crawling across Washington and Oregon. I'm surprised at the number of castles that have been imported and built in this area. It makes for some intriguing possibilities from an author's point of view and worth a series of day trips to visit and investigate such interesting sites closer to home.

In the meantime, I guess I will just continue to do my best to stave off the holiday depression I feel settling in around me. I know that is what it is. I just hope it doesn't get much worse.

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