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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Birthday Flowers - which is about my birthday and the cruise that Leigh-Ann and I will be going on next year.

December 10
Birthday Flowers

Yesterday was my birthday. It was one of the most emotionally roller coaster birthdays I have ever had but in the end, it turned out well. So, I get to work, and because of the words of a friend, I thought there was something birthday-ish waiting for me. You know, like flowers or a little gift. Nope. Nothing. It turns out they just wanted to make sure I was there for the office celebration of my birthday. (Which, apparently, I mucked up since I was ill on Wednesday.)

So, I'm all mopey and sad and feeling guilty because I'm mopey and sad on my birthday because people did remember me and I'm being a greedy black duck because I want flowers on my birthday. I moped a little to Heather, who gave me virtual flowers and the added bonus of a Vin Diesel picture. Yony pinged me and when flowers (or lack of) came up, he told me that he had tried to get me flowers for my birthday but all of the florists he had called told him that Microsoft didn't accept florist deliveries.

Two things happened. I was absolutely ecstatic that Yony remembered me and my want of flowers on my birthday. It really turned around my mood. Then, I got mad/incredulous at the idea that I didn't get flowers for my birthday because of Microsoft. Turns out that this is only partly true. MS doesn't like flowers sent to One Microsoft Way. But, if you give the building number and office number, it should be fine. When I told this to Yony for future reference *grin* he jumped all over it and found out that I was right. The florist he called had no problem delivering flowers to MS. He told me I shouldn't leave early or anything...

Of course, this being the day of emotional roller coasters, no flowers came because the order was given too late in the day or something like that. Still, I was happy. I had been thought of. (In fact, I found out that Yony had been thinking of this a while ago!) But, in honor of my birthday, I took today off. So, I suggested that Yony go ahead and change the address from my work place to my home. Which he did... but, there was a problem.

This morning, I got a call from the florist, telling me that since the address change came in so late, they couldn't deliver today, they would deliver tomorrow. When I'm out of town. I called them back and let them know. The lady was really nice. She apologized for the lateness of the flowers, offered to have them delivered to my office on Monday and commented that she had never heard of any policy of no flowers to Microsoft. So, there you go. After all that, I get my birthday flowers at my office on Monday.

I have never had a birthday gift have to jump through so many trials and tribulations before. At this point, I'm happily amused. I think knowing I was remembered for my birthday was more important than the flowers themselves. But, I really like the flowers for my birthday, too, and I have a great birthday war story to tell now.

The rest of my birthday was great. I got lots of cool stuff. Mom and Dad gave me Twin Peaks on DVD. Lori and David gave me a gift certificate. Hans, Glenn, Andrew and Leigh-Ann took me out to the Wasabi Bistro which was faboo! Leigh-Ann gave me the coolest little black purse for clubbing. Joe and Heather gave me virtual flowers. Bill and I spent the day chatting. The office got me cake and tonight is a birthday party for me and Dan, another guy going on the holiday weekend getaway.

In the end, it all turned out great and for that, I am grateful. Thank you to everyone who wished me well and made my birthday something to smile about.


It looks like Leigh-Ann and I have chosen a cruise to go on. We put our deposits down on it on Monday. Holland America Lines - MS Rotterdam. Five Star cruise line. 10 Days visiting the following East Mediterranean ports in order: Venice, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Cruise Ionian Sea, Thira, Rhodes, Kusadasi, Piraeus, Katakolon, Valletta, Cruise Adriatic Sea, Venice.

EST. TOTAL $5,836.92 for two people. So, about $3K per person. This includes: all drinks and meals 24/7, room service, gym, fitness sauna, casino, shows, movies and other shipboard activities. About $300/day for lodging, transportation, food and activities throughout the Greek Isles. Really not bad at all. It does not include: tipping, alcohol, the beauty spa or the cover charge into the specialty restaurants.


Just a heads up. I will be hosting an Orphans Christmas at my place on the 25th. We won't be having turkey but we will be having stuff like pizza, chips and lots of games like munchkin and lunch money. Maybe a movie or two as well. Everyone, orphaned or not, is invited. I will be posting more about it soon.

Tarot Card for the Day: Nine of Cups, Inverted

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