Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Mercury last night was pretty darned good. No hangover this morning but definitely a day for re-hydration and solid protein like food. moon_kitten (Leigh-Ann) and I had an excellent time with very few bobbles. [Only one guy was arrogant enough to believe he was being flirted with when he wasn't and gave the 'polite rejection' speech to people who really didn't need it. That was one guy who really did NOT impress.] bysmael (Ben) was the perfect escort type guy: Funny, generous, gentlemanly and sober. *grin* We met up with panzerwalt (Walt), a friend of Leigh-Ann's and I believe alypius754 (Greg), a friend of Walt's. We saw seductionjunkie (David) a couple of times and he looked good. Plus, a few other friends of Ben's whom I didn't know.

It was a night of geeking over "Gother Than Thou," gaming, guns, music and military experiences. Some of which, I did not expect to geek about at a Goth club. However, it looks like Ben and I (and maybe Leigh-Ann) are going to go shooting at Wade's on the 14th. Awesome.

For future reference, the back booth is a lot warmer than the rest of the club, much better for talking but you cannot really hear the music that well nor can you see the dance floor. So, if I want to go and get lost in the buzz and dancing, shift upfront. If I want to talk and meet people, back booth. I kept myself in check on the drinking and I had just pushed away a half glass of Vampire's Kiss in favor of water because I was feeling my happy buzz move in a direction I distinctly did not want it to go when we realized it was 1am and both Leigh-Ann and Ben were getting headaches.

All in all, an excellent evening.

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