Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Stupid Mondays

So. It's been a pretty sucky Monday so far. I'm hoping it gets better. I went in to get my first fill today. Things did not go so well.

A fill or an adjustment is done by inserting a small needle into the port of the lapband and filling it with saline solution. Most of the time, this is not an issue. Apparently, for me, at least right now, it is. It seems that I have just enough fat and scar tissue between the surface of my skin and my port (stitched to the abdomen wall) that the nurses could not comfortably find the port. I got stuck six or seven times before they gave up.

Imagine this. I'm on my back with my tummy exposed. I have one nurse, Debbie, and Jessie Ahroni (the nurse who wrote the definitive book on the lapband and considered to be THE expert on fills) in the room, trying to find my port. Jessie has me lifting my legs as she presses around the incision point and it feels like she has the needle in me, searching around. After about five minutes of this pretty continuously, they (and I) call it quits and decide that I need to do the x-ray thing with my doctor giving me my fill.

I would just like to say: Fscking OW!

I am a bit on the peeved, annoyed, frustrated and sore side. However, after all that, I no longer have the fear that any of my incision points will spontaneously split open at my cat walking across my tummy.

So, I'm going back tomorrow, to do the x-ray thing and have my surgeon give me the fill. I just hope it doesn't hurt like it did today. The nurses swear that it doesn't usually and I shouldn't be afraid of it. We'll see.

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