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Life has been very busy, obviously. Mostly with work, work, work. There has been a little time for play but not much and most of that has been spent on the still unadopted Xander. I've gotten some nibbles from the seattle community but no follow through, yet.

Tomorrow's [A] night is going to be odd. I need to work late because of work and my DVD player won't play my Ultraviolet DVD (but it will play everything else). Hans doesn't have cable, so no Lost. Thus, the plan is beginning to look like this:

- [A] night at Hans' place 7:30p-8pm to watch Ultraviolet and "something" else. Probably anime.
- Hopefully, Will can TIVO LOST.
- Next week, the 24th, we can do a double episode of LOST at Will and Cynthia's new place.

Just found a major show stopper in Beta 2. My job is validated. I love walking by my lead and manager and hearing my manager say to my lead, "Thank God we tested it. That's a bad one... oh, hey, good job, Jenn."

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