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In other words...

I got this email from my Mom asking how things were... So, I told her about all of my current writing and accomplishments. Even the erotic story I sold to Closet Desires IV: Flights of Fantasy. This is what I told her:

"Oh, yes... I know I didn't tell you about this and I'm not sure how you will react but, here it is. I sold another story. This short story is being published under Eden Blackthorn because it is an erotica piece. It is going into an International Anthology (being published in the UK and US) in Closet Desires IV: Flights of Fantasy. Admittedly, it's smut - tasteful smut, but still just a sex story. No real BDSM. Basically, it is a 1920's piece of a daughter of an archeologist ending up as part of a fertility ritual performed by a warrior-priest who still follows the old ways. I've been told that it is very sexy and makes you want to know what happens next. If you want, I will send you a copy of "The Ruins" to read."

I really don't know how she's going to take it. I know she enjoys my writings but I think she's going to have a not-too-good reaction based on her religious beliefs...

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