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More Dreams...

I'm back to dreaming about failing my Tuesday and Thursday classes... even though I haven't been in college in almost a decade.

This time, the semester was just about over and I knew I was failing my Tuesday/Thursday classes. Both of them. I didn't seem overly concerned about it but I did seem a little resigned as I imagined my transcript with the two F's on it.

As I sat in the back of the covertered 18-wheeler filled with tables and couches and advertised itself as -the- best 'new schoolbus' because each table had its own toliet, I ignored everyone around me. I had decided that the next semester I was going to take ONLY those two Tues/Thursday classes... and maybe one other... and that way I would be sure to remember them, finally attend them and finally pass them. I would schedule them all on the same days - Tuesday and Thursday - and go to each one of them, one after another. That way, I would finally be able to get on with the business of moving forward towards my degree.

Reviewing this dream, I just want to slap my dream self and ask her what the hell she's thinking. If I can't remember to go to my Tuesday/Thursday classes, why on earth would I want to reschedule them for Tuesday and Thursday again? If I've determined to take only those two classes, why am I thinking about the third?

For that matter, why the flux can I not remember what classes I have on Tuesday and Thursday or where they are in the first place? Why is this a recurring dream theme for me? This is really starting to bug me.

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