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Well. This sucks.

Dream Snippet I had this morning in-between smacking the snooze button. It's very odd.

Come into a shot of Dubya surrounded by extremely good looking service men in browns. All of them, including the President, are dancing like it's a iPod commercial. Everyone is smiling and happy looking. One solider, wearing a brown bomber's jacket steps forward in front of Dubya and the dancing party fades out. Close up on the one soldier's face. "I'm Staff Sergeant Key. I've been deployed to Iraq and I'm gay." He smiles, proud of both these facts. His face fades into a silver medal that adds a "T" onto it indicating that the soldier is/was gay. FADE.

I have no idea what this dream means. I do know that I'm really upset at the new administration that has been voted in. All I could think on the way to work was "I'm sorry" and "Good-bye." I'm sorry about all of the fucked up things this country is about to embark on with a homophobic, theocratic, ill-spoken president who no longer has to worry about being re-elected. Good-bye to our civil rights, a woman's right to choose and freedom of religion.

They say that the people deserve the president they vote for. I didn't vote for him nor a Republican controlled House and Senate. Unfortunately, I'm still along for the ride.

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