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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Happy Halloween - which has nothing to do with the holiday and everything to do with my weekend.

October 31
Happy Halloween

I've finished up my writing gig for Sovereign Press now and it feels really good. However, the nerve wracking waiting period has commenced. All of those first time on a project worries come out. "What if they hate my work? What if I suck? What if they reject everything? What if..? What if..? What if." I know, silly insecurities but this is my first game book writing gig. I wanted it to be really good. I want the editors (including Margaret Weis!!) to be pleased.

But, now that this is done, I'm supposed to be turning to finish up working on Regresser's Evolution to get that finally off my plate. However, I have this really odd urge to clean instead. No writing. Just a really deep clean of my home. I'm not sure why. Anyone who knows me knows that I dislike housework and, in general, do just enough cleaning to keep my home from being scary. But, right now, I want to wax floors, dust and move everything to clean under it. I thought this kind of cleaning came in Spring, not Autumn.

(About an hour later...) ARGH! My kittens have fleas! How the heck that happened, I don't know. The only thing I can think of is that someone had fleas on their shoes when they walked to the back room. It had to have happened in the last couple of days. It also explains why my kitty, Esme, has been scratching so much more lately and why she's been coming to me meowing querulously like she wanted something from me. She did. She wanted me to make the itching stop. I feel like such a bad kitten mommy.

No wonder I've been getting the "I need to clean vibe!" I've got to go pick up some Advantage for her and find out if I can put Advantage on the kittens. After all the kittens are gone, I'm going to have to flea bomb the heck out of this place. Man, I'm going to feel like -I- have fleas now.


It finally happened. I finally succumbed to the persuasive charms of Jim, Shane and Leigh-Ann. I have joined NERO as one of their plotters. It's only taken about five months but they have sufficiently piqued my interest to overshadow my hesitation of jumping into a new project. I met all of the Seattle NERO staff and watched a staff meeting go on. It was interesting. Then, I got to introduce myself, give my background and let people ask me questions.

It looks like I will be writing and/or assisted writing all of the race packages for NERO Seattle. Starting with the Dwarf package. Then, I will be moving on to the Dark Elves. There will be 14 race packages in all. The first thing I want to for them is to set up a race package template so that the same type of information will be in ALL of the race packages. Then, I will start on the rest. Next, I will been brainstorming plotlines with the other plotters. Until I know more about the NERO universe, I won't be running any plots. I will only be NPCing and learning as I go along. The final thing I think I will be involved in is to help create a cohesive NERO Seattle universe bible. Or maybe that will be a plot bible. I'm not certain.

Get the feeling I'm going to be doing an awful lot of writing for NERO Seattle? Yeah. Me, too. Kind of cool, huh. I get all the writing credit and it counts towards the good in my professional writing portfolio. I'm pretty jazzed by it all.


This weekend was all about dates, too. A rare thing to be sure. Friday night, I went on a double date where I set up a couple of friends whom I thought would get along pretty well and I think I was right. If nothing else, we have a series of media events planned for the future. Much anime and Sci-fi will be watched.

Tonight, after canceling a trip to Pioneer Square with Leigh-Ann because I had to go into work this morning. (Plus, I've been really tired lately.) I had a date with a guy I met on OKCupid. It was really good. Surprisingly good. Dates like this usually don't go so well. So, I'm kind of bemused.

Tarot Card for the Day: Six of Cups, Inverted

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