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Weird Dream...

The dream I had this morning was actually pretty mundane in nature. But it was the content within it that is weirding me out right. For ages, I've wondered what happened to my old high school friend.

I talking with Johanna about a new book about the history of LARPers. The 'earliest LARP Troupe' had been tracked down to Waynesboro, PA. Having lived there from ages 14 to 16, I wanted to look at the book. Once I did, I was startled to learn that this first LARP group had been - and was continuing to be - run by my high school best friend, Brenda Kreager.

The book was done in classic history book format with many black and white photographs. As looked through them, I identified many of my old high school acquaintances. Even Bret Michaels, my one big crush. It seemed that the LARP they played, and were still playing, was one that involved Cowboys & Indians. From what I gathered, it was a LARP of how the settlers, captured by Indians, survived in the Indian culture.

I wanted to know if there was a way to get in touch with my old friend, searching through the book. Johanna took it from me, saying she had seen it. Flipping to the right page, she pointed at an email address - LJ chap @ I remember being very pleased and immediately wanting to go look up that livejournal.


Yes. I did try to look up "LJ Chap" as a livejournal. No, it doesn't exist. I remember that the email address seemed to refer to a chapbook which is what the history book was supposed to be, even though it looked nothing like one.

For some reason, this dream is sticking with me.

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