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Oh... the big cat has landed now.

It seems that Esme has finally decided that she can't ignore the kittens away. So, she's moved from the "they don't exist" phase into the "I want to kill them" phase. Now, whenever she goes near the door, she hisses, deep and unhappy. Sometimes, when I come out of the kitten room, she is sitting on the box across from the door looking very cross. I always let her smell my hands and I always pet her. Partly to reassure her. Partly to get the kittens' scents on her. I don't think I will be letting her into the kitten room early. I think it is safer for everyone involved for me to be patient.

The drop cloth and the stick ups I got for the kitten room are working wonderfully. The citrus stick ups are going a long way to combat the stinky-ness of the kittens. I still don't have names for them but they are starting to become more used to me hanging out in that room with an audio book CD going.

As a side note: MAN! Kitten claws are sharp!

If anyone wants to come visit, just let me know and we'll set up a time.

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