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Cafe Princess...

I'm hanging out in Dana street and wishing it was located in Seattle. Or, it's twin was. It's twin probably is but I haven't found it yet. In any case, I'm a couple days into my vacation and I'm finally feeling my jaw starting to unclench. California is hot and smelly... and familiar. I miss that familiarity. Eventually, Seattle will feel like this. I know it will. All it needs is time.

I had a good dinner with my brother last night. I know Barry is going to be meeting up with me here this afternoon and maybe other people as well. I don't know for sure. Then, traditional sushi and mochas with Monte tonight. Dinner with Yony tomorrow night. That's all the schedule I have right now (save the convention) and that's the way I like it. I have slept a lot and let my mind meander. I read all about zombies and I've been listening to "The Talisman" by King and Straub.

Familiar strangers here at Dana street. It makes me smile.

Cynthia - thanks for the updates on my kitty. Makes me happy and confident she is doing well.

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