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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Hell of a Week - which is about the last week, my upcoming vacation and writing.

August 28
Hell of a Week

This has been one hell of a week, I tell you. The short of it is this: it was review week at work and it was bad. My less than stellar review was very unexpected to me. I'm not going to go into details here because I would end up saying some really nasty things about my ex-boss. However, on the good side of things, I did get some of the concessions and rewrites I requested and my ex-boss is no longer in charge of my professional career. That's what my new boss (whom I've had for about six week now and LOVELOVELOVE) is for and we've already got a plan. Plus, he keeps telling me how much he likes my work. I know. Vague. But it's the best I can do.


I am on vacation now. Thank goodness. I really need it bad. I am going to be driving down to the Bay area to stay with Rich, visit with friends and family, then go to Conquest. You know, I must really be comfortable with the idea of driving to the Bay area for vacation. Friday was the first time I got around to thinking about what I need to take and what I need to do to prepare. Usually, for a vacation, I'm thinking about it and planning for weeks ahead of time. I suppose, since I know Cynthia is going to be visiting my darling psycho kitty every day and Hans might drop in once or twice just to make sure the cat's not on fire and the TV's still here, I'm feeling pretty good about the one thing I would really worry about.

Right now, my biggest worry is washing clothing so I have something to pack. I've picked up munchies and cash for the road already. I have three books on audio CD to keep me company if I want a break in the silence and I've got a straight shot for almost 800 miles. It's funny, my main quandary is what book(s) to bring to read. I sort of want to bring the Tanakh because I'd like to keep up on that. But, at the same time, I don't want people making strange assumptions of me because I'm reading a Jewish holy book in a public place. It's weird that I feel I have to think of these things when I travel now. I really don't like it.

Also, on the strange side of things, I'm going to be visiting my brother while I'm on vacation. I have not seen him since his wedding to Suzanne. Visiting them is not the strange thing. Looking forward to it is. I don't get along with my brother. But, he's mellowed a lot since he got married and I like his wife. Actually, I'm really looking forward to this whole trip to the Bay area. Lots of good friends to visit and much gaming/LARPing to be had. Of course, I still need to nail down the details of the game I'm running... but I figure I'll do that during the 14 hour drive.


Some really cool plot-hooky dreamage recently: Atlantis - This is the kind of dream that is the seed to a much bigger story. I am part of a group of people descendent from the last survivors of Atlantis. Our goal is to remember our heritage and technology. We are already well on the way.


My writing gig for Dragonlance is going well. I've finished the first big chunk of writing for it and have sent it in. My editor seemed surprised and happy that I was ready to send stuff in already. I had to. Otherwise, I would be waiting until the last minute and writing my ass off to make the deadline. I didn't want to do that with this. To me, it's not professional and this is part module writing, part fiction. It is amazing to me that writers are so lackadaisical about deadlines.

Speaking of deadlines, the deadline for the write_away group for the Grants Pass anthology is looming and I finally got my first story and a deadline extension request (which I allowed). I have not read the first story, yet, because I've been in such a bad mood lately and I didn't want to taint my perception of the story with my mood. So, I'll read it when I get back from vacation. By that time, I should be in good spirits and I should have several Grants Pass submissions to read and consider.

Also, I think I'm going to approach writing Breaking the Chains story in a different way. I think, I'm going to write up the universe, worlds, culture, religion, fashion, etc... as if I were writing up a role-playing game. That way, I will have the bible, history, leaders, events and timeline completed before I write the story that spans several decades. I'm tentatively calling the universe bible project "Gosstiny" which is the term the Aradis people use that means "Capturing the Good Destiny/Fate." It is part of their religion. The opposite of that is "Baestiny" which means "Thwarting the Bad Destiny/Fate." While I'm in CA, I plan to have a long talk about this with Monte who has been working on his own gaming world write up for ages now.

Tarot Card for the Day: Two of Cups, Inverted

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