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The Killing Smile

Lots of anger in me these days. Some of it real. Some of it in character. Pissed at my ex-boss. Ximena pissed at the Administrator for standing her up after calling for the appointment and Prince Drake for his bit. PMSing. More frustration with the ex-boss and his vague words. Frustration at trying to wrap my brain around this new stuff that I'm working on right now. The general desperate need to get away and take my vacation. I actually felt the need to pause and write out some of my anger in order to exorcise it and allow me to get back to work.

The Killing Smile
Fury ebbs and flows in
uncontrolled patterns
restrained by logical bonds
only to break free in a rage
as the polite confrontation

"I hate you." I think as I nod and
with bitter regret for ever letting
put me in this position.

The hate fuels my strength of will
to never give in
to never surrender
to never say "Die."
while you still have the breath to
speak your inane words.

My revenge will be sweet and
full of cold love for the sure killing of
with as much sincere kindness
as I can find.


I really need to get away for my vacation.

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