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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Along for the Ride - The week, gaming and 20/20.

August 16
Along for the Ride

Last week turned out to be pretty interesting in the Chinese sense of the word. First, I went to see the doctor. I've been having all sorts of fun medical stuff going on with me. When I saw the doctor, the guesses came back: Graves disease, early menopause, anemic, diabetes and some combination therein. We just had to wait for the blood work to come back. Well, it did and I'm "fine." I have none of the aforementioned medical conditions and the doctor has decided to chalk it up to the ubiquitous "stress related issues" category.

I suppose I should be happy about this. I'm not "sick" but on the other hand, it is a little frustrating because I -am- having these symptoms and I have no clear path to stopping them. The vague "stop stressing" isn't going to help me at all. I do have a vacation coming up that I am very much looking forward to. So, hopefully, that will help. Ah, well.

The other interesting thing that happened was the fact that my car died. No warning. No coughing. Nothing. Suddenly, it wouldn't turn over. It turned out to be the electrical system. I learned some fun facts like the fact that I have a very expensive battery in my car and the fact that when my headlights were on, my brakes stopped working. I wonder how long that had been going on. So, 54,000 mile check up, electrical system fixed, $600+ dollars later and Sterling was just fine. I'm glad that this didn't happen on my road trip. I would have been very put out.


I am a gaming fool when it come to the Crimson Dawn LARP. I swear, there are twists and turns I never saw coming and that's just the relationship between the characters. The GM sponsored plots are something else altogether. You know, I'm beginning to thing that the story between Ximena, Percival and Tariq is writing itself and the players (Me, Shane and Jim) are just along for the ride. There is so much potential for this personal story between the three of them, it almost seems like the background story to how these characters in a future time received certain merits and flaws. It kind of makes me wonder what they would be like 115 years in the future or this present day.


The 20/20 program is now officially over for me. I have one last clean up appointment with the doctor and I'm done. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the program. It was nice to see the weight loss that I did but, I'm already fighting to keep it off.

Exercise: I enjoyed the exercise portion of the program a whole. The personal trainers I worked with were superb and if I could afford to continue to work with either, especially Matt, I would.

Diet/Dietician: This was the most informative part of the program. It was also the hardest to follow. Being good all the time pretty much sucks and that is what is required. But, I did learn a whole lot.

Therapy: I found the group therapy to be a lot of fun and valuable. It was good to hear everyone's perspectives on the program and common roadblocks. However, I found the three private sessions with the therapist pretty much useless. I'm not sure what I was supposed to get out of them and that, I guess, is the major problem.

Weight loss/Health: Losing 30 pounds has been pretty nice. However, I'm fighting tooth and nail to keep it off. I found it very frustrating to follow the program to the letter and to not lose weight for weeks at a time.

Over all: Was it worth the time and money? Yes but only because of the fact that MS paid for 80% of it. If I had paid full price for it, I would be very disappointed.

Tarot Card for the Day: Ace of Cups, Inverted

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