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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Moments of True Potential - which is about the way my mind works, my new writing gig and some thoughts I recently expressed about the write_away community.

August 9
Moments of True Potential

Happy fangirl! I have my official assignment from Sovereign Press. I will be working on the Holy Order of Stars book. I'm really excited. Almost 13000 words to write on the various bits related to the religion of Dragonlance world. I am particularly excited about writing for such a well established world. I will be doing both information collation on the world and world creation. Imagine that! Dungeon & Dragon players all over will be reading and using the stuff I write in their campaigns!

I have to admit though, I'm a little scared that people will hate what I write or the editor, who is a friend and published my Hucked Tankard tales, will look at my stuff and think that he made a big mistake trusting me with the stuff that he has me writing. I know it is nothing more than "first job" jitters but, they are there.

So, I've gotten myself prepared. I've looked at everything I need to write and set up a series of due dates for each section. This should put my work in well before the due date and give me a chance to fix anything that I might screw up. I do have a lot of information to gather from all around the Dragonlance universe. Plus, the editor may love it all and give me more. I know that's what he's hoping. Me, too.


I have decided that the most favorite moments of my life are those rare moments of true potential. The anticipation of not knowing what an unexpected contact will bring. It is the not knowing that I enjoy. The possibilities are limitless in my mind. When I got to work today, I had a message from someone in the 919 area code. They called me over the weekend and asked me to call them back. The only people I know that live in the 919 area code are my parents, my sister, her family and my financial advisor. This person was none of the above.

Many thoughts spun in my head. Immediately, the most dramalicious events came to mind. Could this be something involving my family or my financial advisor? Was my financial advisor caught perpetrating a fraud? Was this a police detective to tell me that my parents had been in an accident? Maybe I was being called to join my family in celebrating a prize won. Though, mayhap, it had nothing to do with my family at all.

Perhaps, Uncle Sam was calling me in to work on a special case for them that involved... QA and... um... Gaming... and kittens! Perhaps, the evil, satanic ex who had tried to blackmail me, and had threatened my life, had been arrested after been caught in a murder investigation and I was next on his list. Perhaps, he had escaped and they suspected he was on his way to Seattle! Gasp! What if he had escaped and had killed this detective who had been trying to warn me and that's why his phone was consistently busy!

I did say that my thoughts ranged into the dramalicious zone. The point is that any of those things, however improbable, were possible. Until I connected with Mr. Tim Sweeney, nothing in the realm of possibility was forbidden to me. That is why moments of true potential are so very rare and so very precious to me. My whole life could hinge on that next phone call. Anticipation at its best.

The phone call? It was a wrong number. Mr. Sweeney had meant to dial someone else.


It looks like I will be disappointed a third time in the Write_Away community. I have enjoyed working with the moderators but I haven't gotten a whole lot back from the community. Recently, a new member wrote a post about not seeing what the moderators of the group promised in the user info. To a degree, they are correct. I watched myself and all of the moderators bust their butts and get almost nothing back. After two failed attempts at projects, I've slacked off to only doing the Grants Pass project. This is the email I wrote to the rest of the moderators after we started discussing it.

Honestly, after the lack of responses from my posts on how to be published and now Grants Pass, I'm beginning to think that this is not the community for me. I am an active author, actively seeking work and getting published. I published 10 articles on how to get published and bits about the business and whenever I ask what people want to hear about, I get silence or a question like "What is a gaaneden?"

I have not given up completely on the community and Grants Pass, yet but, I will say this... I have not received a single submission yet. Much to my surprise, I'm getting more interest from well known authors than the authors of this community that the Grants Pass project was suppose to benefit. Let's hope that everyone is doing this last minute and I get a score of submissions in the last two weeks.

By my count, I have tried three things with this group:
1. The Business of being Published - it failed. No one is interested.
2. The Young Adult column - it failed. After 3 months, 2 authors flaked and 75% of the group still did not know what it was.
3. The Grants Pass Anthology. - My respect for this group is flagging. There are no submissions after 2 months and my reminders are treated with contempt.

Third time is the charm. With my professional writing load increasing (just got a gig with Sovereign Press) and this group's obvious lack of interest, I suspect in September, I will be leaving this group. I'm sorry, but it sucks to put out a lot of effort and get nothing in return.


At first, I thought I was a bit harsh. Until someone on the moderator list who "has been in the community for a long while" admitted that they had no idea what any of the three projects I mentioned were. I was completely flabbergasted and disheartened, considering my last Grants Pass post had been just over a week ago. I have to admit, unless something drastic changes, I see myself leaving the community within the next two months.

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