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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with You Might Think That - Which is mostly about this past weekend.

July 27
You Might Think That...

Yesterday, I got to do my first showing of "House of Cards" for some of people LARP (or will LARP) with: Jim, Shane, Will, Cynthia and Aaron. What was really cool for me was the fact that the DVD is different than the VHS tape. It is set in the British four episode format rather than movie format that I was used to seeing it in. Thus, it was about four hours long instead of three and a half and I got to see a couple of scenes that I had not seen before. That was very interesting.

However, the real treat of the afternoon was watching my guests watch the show and react to it. Then, stopping between episodes to comment on what had been seen or to ask questions of English culture or politics. My goodness, I think I can safely say that my new LARPing pals have had their eyes opened a bit on where I come from when I approach a LARP.

Of course, there are all those wonderful quotes and phrases...

Him: "I might look you up some myself. What do you specialize in?"
Penny: "Verbal abuse and colonic irrigation."

Urquhart: "I put a bit of the stick about you might say."

Maddie: "I want to call you Daddy.'

Urquhart's wonderful monologue that ends with: "I want to be the Daddy of everyone." (Someday, I'm going to transcribe that whole monologue.)

Finally, the most famous quote of the movie: "You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment."

I will be doing another showing for Rory and that crew soon. It just depends on everyone's schedules. Then, I'm betting that I will start hearing many of the quotes from the movie showing up in game. I think I've started a new tradition up here - much like Johanna's showing of "House of Cards" down in the Bay area. It was very nice to see my friends really appreciate the movie and understand why I like it so much.


It looks like I'm going to try out a werewolf LARP this coming Saturday. It ought be interesting since I really don't know or understand Garou society. Fortunately, I will be playing a character has just gone through her first change and doesn't know much of anything. A purebred shadow lord. Should be interesting. It's a weekly game but, from what I hear, it's alright if you miss them occasionally. I suppose, as a "pup" that would be acceptable because I'm off "learning how to be a werewolf."

This, I think, will make me officially a LARPing fool. That will be three LARPs I'm involved with. Two monthly and one weekly. I'm just not sure I can keep up with a weekly LARP. We will see. If it is like Amaranth was and you need to be there, I won't be able to play for long. But, if it turns out that it is the kind of game that one can come or not and not get too far behind, then that would be ideal.


I got an email from my mom early this morning.

Hi Honey -

Didn't want to call you so early since there's nothing you can do. Suzanne had the baby early this morning. She had to have a C-section as the baby was in distress. They tried to stop it, but couldn't. She weighed in at 2 pounds 9 ounces. It was about 30 weeks. Currently, both Suzanne and the baby (we think she will be Hayley Nicole, but don't know for sure) are doing ok. It will be an uphill battle for the baby. They were scheduled to move to Livermore this Saturday and somehow Scott still has to accomplish that. Your brother can't seem to get a break. Anyway, I know your prayers and good thoughts will be with them and they need all of that they can get.

I pray that someday they will look back on all of this and smile because they made it through.

Take good care of you!

Love you, Mom

I haven't always gotten along with my brother but over all, he's not a bad person and I do love him. His wife is wonderful and has mellowed him out a whole lot. I do plan to go visit them in early September when I'm in the Bay area. I just didn't expect to be meeting my niece then.

Update: Haley and Suzanne are doing fine now. Haley is apparently very "feisty" and doesn't want to be messed with. Scott will be going ahead with the move and Suzanne will be staying with her mom.

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