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Dreamlines... Realities Within has been updated with my latest dream: The Cursed Statue - You know you are really getting into a game and into a character when you start dreaming in character. It's been a couple of years since I've done so but it seems that the Crimson Dawn game and the character of Ximena Harker has invaded my subconscious.

Ximena slowly became aware in the darkness. There was movement around her bed. When she tried to sit up, she was unable to. Some force was keeping her pinned to it. One by one, candles were lit around her bed and she could see the figures now. They were the Setites she had fought at Peabody's shop as well as at White Chapel station. Some of whom should have been dead.

She tried to speak and found her voice missing. Now, as she looked around, she saw that she was no longer in her bedroom and no longer on her bed. Instead, she bound on a sacrificial table. Try as she might, she could not break the bonds. It was definitely a ritual going on. Chanting, incense and dancing. There were three female Setites dancing in a way that mimicked and invoked the goddess Kali (Much like in another dream I had called Dancing for Kali just over a year ago.).

Then, one Setite, the leader, pulled out the small "cursed" statue of Kali she had brought back with her from Egypt. He set it on the end of the table. A light grew out from behind the dancers. It grew so bright that it streamed from them, into the small statue, then from the eyes of the statue, to Ximena's eyes, making everything go white.

When she could see again, she was not Ximena. She was the avatar of Kali, the Destroyer. She was destroying this city, then soon, the country. Afterwards, the world. That which was Ximena had no control over her own body anymore. All she could do was watch her mutated body - how with ten arms - kill everything she loved. First, Percy had been beheaded. Now, this evil avatar was in the middle of eviscerating her love, Tariq. Ximena could do nothing to stop the raised blade that would behead him next.

Ximena woke up with a start and scrambled back, falling out of bed. Blood sweat stained her rumple sheets and once pristine white nightgown. She was in her home and room. There were no Setites, no rituals and her body was her own. Everything was in place, except... the cursed Kali statue was sitting on her vanity... where it should not be. "Nana! Where the bloody hell did that statue come from?"

Her ghostly ancestor replied. "Language, dear. It came from your study. It wanted to be here."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know. Ask it."

Ximena walked over to the statue and picked it up. "You're not alive. You can't want anything!" In response, the statue turned its head and bit her on the hand, causing her to drop it. It fell in slow motion, tumbling over and over... until it was Ximena who was falling, tumbling over and over, screaming.


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