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Yes. It is Friday afternoon and I don't want to be here.

Soooo... I randomly torment my friends.

Jenn/Me: You realize... I am only here to kill you to save the future.
Monte: From me?
Jenn/Me: Can't say. It would change the future.
Monte: It seems logical. In order to save the future, you must apparently kill me. So, clearly, something I will do will 'destroy' the future.
Jenn/Me: However, unlike most Bond villains, I don't tell you anything useful before I leave you in an easily escaped trap.
Monte: We--elll, considering my track record, I'm not really worried at this point. But thanks for being efficient.
Jenn/Me: You're welcome. My code of honor requires it.
Monte: Now, that's interesting. What is your code of honor, if I may ask?
Jenn/Me: Can't say. You'll use it against me. Find a loophole so I can't kill you and save the future.
Monte: (note to self; dicussing code of honor and / or discussing future plans directly involved NOT in the code of honor)
Monte: So, that's the only reason you are here.
Jenn/Me: No. It's one reason but it is the only reason I am to kill you.
Monte: This is clearly an intriguing conversation that isn't going to go anywhere at all. But thanks for being so entertaining.
Jenn/Me: You're welcome. It's Friday afternoon.

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