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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Whirlwind Weekend - which is all about the 4th of July weekend with Yony being here.

July 5
Whirlwind Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend. Yony came up to visit for the 4th and from the moment he got here, it was pretty much non-stop on the go. Friday night, his plane was 90 minutes late which left us both starving by the time we got back to Redmond. So, off for a midnight snack. Saturday was taken up by Shrek 2, board games at Hans' place with Robert, Jeff, Lynn, David and Diane. After that, all of us ran off to the Wasabi Café, meeting up with Phoebe for "midnight sushi." In the end, I had to bow out of the hot-tubing because I was beat. Sunday was dominated by what is now to become an annual celebration of the 4th of July BBQ at Pavel's incredible home.

I have declared that Pavel needs to adopt me because of just how wonderful his home is. They have the most incredible view that lets them see a good chunk of Lake Issaquah, a bit of Lake Washington and a huge chunk of Bellevue. The view was just stunning. It is the kind of view that I could imagine idlly watching while I sat and wrote on whatever story I was working on at the time. When it came to the fireworks, we could see six different official firework displays and countless unofficial ones on the edge of the lake, on the mountain ridge in unincorporated Washington and his nearby neighbors.

As an aside, the there so many fireworks lighting up the mountain ridge that it gave me the disturbing impression of the mountain ridge being bombed and the whole thing lighting up in explosions. It was sort of hypnotic. I had pull myself out of it because my overactive imagination was getting the best of me, especially with the firework smoke drifting all over the place.


While at Pavel's party, I ran into a woman who is part of a book club. When she found out I'm an author, she wanted to know if I would be willing to come speak to the group. I said yes, of course. After I told her about my Grants Pass project, she was really interested in reading it and mentioned that there was a good chance that her reader's group would want to read it as well. Now, isn't that interesting?

Also, when we were talking about Grants Pass, she mentioned to me that it is known, on the QT, as a safe haven to survivalists because it is protected valley with a supply of fresh water. Also, being a small town, everyone is pretty aware of who 'belongs' and who doesn't. I was surprised to find this out. Like I said, I picked it out because I drove through it from the Bay Area to Seattle and then dreamed about it. Now, it turns out it actual would be a good spot to go during and after the end of the world.

Not only that, there are, apparently, a couple of groups, like Amtguard, who use a place very near Grants Pass for weekend long LARP/boffer games. She seemed to think that it was ideal for that sort of thing. Part of me wants to scope it out for a weekend long post apocalyptic LARP.

Another woman I spoke to turned out to be from Port Townsend. Apparently, Manresa has just been sold for a paltry one million dollars to someone from Bainbridge. Also, I got told about a book store having recently burned down. They were really interested in the Vampire game we used to play, set in that world. I could not remember the URL, so I told her to look up "Manresa Castle" plus "Dancingshaman." Fortunately, that was the right couple of keywords. Oh, yes. They had never heard of some of the stories about her hometown. So, I pointed her at the novel, City of Dreams, which is all about Port Townsend and the weirdness that it is.


I sent Yony home today after many smiles and with much sadness. I had had a good time while he was here. I wished he would have stayed longer and the trip had been a lot less whirlwind. We didn't have that much time to just sit, talk and be ourselves.

It was good to see and visit with him. It's hard, sometimes, though, to see someone you love, once had and can no longer have due to non-anger break up reasons. I discovered that I'm not quite as over him as I had thought (and, truthfully, had hoped) I was. It was rather ironic of me to have a small emotional splat at him not 2 minutes after telling him I thought I was getting over him during lunch on Sunday. However, I think some things were said that really needed to be said and we're still friends - which has always been my goal after moving from the Bay Area to here.

Tarot Card for the Day: Knight of Wands, Inverted

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