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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Traveling Ring Returns - which is about the weekend and weekend visitors.

June 21
The Traveling Ring Returns

It looks as if my traveling ring has decided that it really like the Pacific Northwest. Kai (kaidevis) and his girlfriend, Steph (darthsunshine), came to visit over the weekend and Kai returned the traveling ring that he gave me almost a year ago at my going away party that I ended up returning to him via Heather over Christmas (at its insistence). It is a demanding little band of silver it is. But, that's OK. It was a good excuse to see Kai again.

We spent the weekend being pretty lazy with no real agenda. I took them to Rikki Rikki on Saturday night and to the Ave (University Avenue in Seattle for those of you not in the know) on Sunday. It was a good day to wander, Sunday, being so warm. While on the Ave, I picked up another Amy Brown print for my office. It is one called "Always" with a lady fairy in blue on a toadstool and a male fairy in brown and purple on one knee before her. It is a very sweet print. I have it hanging in my office now. I also got another gargoyle from the Gargoyle Statuary. It's a sconce of a hand holding a baby dragon. That one, I think, will end up in my bedroom. Sunday night, we met up with Al and had a nice, geeky time over Thai food.

The visit was short but fulfilling. There is a possibility of seeing Kai again soon. Some of the conversations we had have left little ticking time bombs in the back of my brain, stewing as I consider the things we spoke about. It was a very good, low expectation visit.


Saturday, while waiting for Jim (sylvan) and Shane to show up (who never did due to the classic brat fart. There will be much groveling and adoration at our next meeting, I am promised), I got the urge to watch "The Stand" again. It is sort of comfort food for the brain for me. This, as a concept, vaguely disturbs me. Monte joked with me, telling me that I had a post apocalyptic fetish. I don't think so. Mostly, I think that I don't like large masses of anonymous people. I like individuals on a personal basis but crowds annoy me. Perhaps, it is closer to a post apocalyptic fascination. Yes. That sounds more like it.

Still, it is vaguely disconcerting that I find "end of world" stories comforting to me. "The Stand", "Night of the Comet", "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" and "The Quiet Earth" are among my favorites. Maybe it is because I would like a big change in this world. Maybe it is because I would like to force a big change in me and an apocalypse would sure do that. Also, I'm sure the whole thing is far too romanticized and idealized in my mind. Most likely, if an apocalypse came, I would be one of the many who would die. Even if I didn't, I'm sure none of the plans I have considered and chewed over as a mental exercise would survive contact with reality.

Maybe that is why I like the concept of an apocalypse. Because I really don't think one will come. Not in my lifetime and if it does, I won't survive it. So, it is a safe fantasy to wander around in. It will never be destroyed by something as mundane as real life. That's an interesting thought. One that I will have to consider. Ironic. My idea of a safe fantasy world is one where an apocalypse happens. Why I can't I be normal and just fantasize about being rich, famous and powerful like everyone else? Because I'm not like everyone else, I suppose.


I got a non-form rejection from Strange Horizons! This is an accomplishment. I've moved up from the generic "we can't use this piece at this time" and "we have decided not to accept this work" to receiving a personalized comment and a compliment!

Jennifer Brozek--

Thank you for submitting "Dark Epiphany" to Strange Horizons, but we've decided not to accept it for publication. The main plotline in this piece didn't really hold my interest, but I was impressed with the way you described the nature of the sexual relationships. We appreciate your interest in our magazine.


One step closer to my goal. Oh, yes. One day, I will be published in Strange Horizons. Just you wait. In the meantime, I need to find another place for "Dark Epiphany" to be submitted to.


My kitty has been sick lately. I think it's just a head cold but it's making me all upset. She's lethargic and grumpy. It really disturbs me that she doesn't want to chase the laser bug and doesn't have the energy to try to eviscerate me when I pick her up when she doesn't want to be picked up. So, I've been spoiling my little girl rotten. She's gotten wet food a couple of times. I've carried her upstairs. I've brought her water in bed to make sure she drinks. Last night she showed interest in the laser bug and this morning, she came downstairs while I got ready for work to be with me. So, she is feeling better and that makes me feel better. I am such a worrywart where my cat is concerned.

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