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What a sweet guy...

I get some of the most interesting email from strangers. Sometimes, they suck. In this case, he seems so sweet.

Hi Jennifer

I would like to greet you and introduce myself. I am Jim [Last Name] and I have visited your site on occasion. This is the second time I have written you and I would once again compliment your site. I have read some of your work and I find it poignant and touching.

You have a unique spirit. Your stories are very emotional and touch my heart. I would like to share with you a dream I had once, and perhaps you could tell me if I am mad. A person like you would understand me at the least, and have a common frame of reference perhaps. We shall see.

When I was 12 years old I had a dream. In many ways it was mundane. Let me explain:

"I lie on a bed in a sunny bedroom. The linen is all white, and the sun illuminated the bed from an open window. I am not alone. Next to me lie a young woman, one of extraordinary beauty. She was fair, with long, curly blonde hair . She was asleep but woke up and looked at me. With those eyes, like the bluest sky which danced with joy, and a look of happiness she smiled. No words were spoken, but love was in her heart and in mine."

That was the dream. 24 years later it is still as fresh as the first day. The interesting thing is that I did not know the woman nor why I would dream this at such a time. For a long time I didn't worry about it, though on occasion it would return to bring me joy. 2 years ago I met the girl in my dreams. I nearly fainted. How could I dream of someone and meet her 22 years later? My heart leapt. I learned her name is Cheryl and (ironically) I would be working with her. Time passed and we became friends. (Attached is her pic). She never knew of my dream, but in time learned that I had loved her.

What happened next was that I fell into a depression which required medical treatment. I took a month off from work. The depression was a result of my physical condition and the silly chemicals in my brain. I have suffered from this all my life. I had even attempted suicide and nearly died years ago. Cheryl did not know of this. She and I were still friends. But she had problems with work and resigned without my knowledge. I never saw her again. At least now I know the name of the woman who haunted my dreams for so many years. I still see her in my dreams. I miss her very much. Only karma may bring her back and I am afraid to alter my fate any more.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for displaying your heart so openly on your website. You have courage I could never have.


Enlightenment is Madness


Hello Jim,

I do remember you from the last time you wrote to me. Thank you for your compliments to me and my website. I do appreciate them. Also, thank you for telling me about Cheryl. To me, the interesting thing about karma and fate is that it seems that neither mind it very much if you give yourself a helping hand. Dreams are powerful things. If you still dream of her, perhaps, you need to look for her and tell her what you have told me. You have her name and there are many avenues you can go to look for her. Especially online. I wish you the best of luck.


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