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You Might Be A Gamer Geek Chick If...

I just had to post this for #10...

Stolen from kijeren.

You Might Be A Gamer Geek Chick If...

1. You refer to not buying those cute shoes you don't need, but really want (and they're on sale!), as "making your will roll".

2. You have more dice than you have earrings.

3. When out hunting for male companionship you refer to a wedding ring as a "ward against single women +4".

4. Most of your fancy girly wear was bought for a LARP.

5. You usually only wear makeup for a LARP or a con.

6. You gamed with most of your S.O.'s before you dated them.

7. You think it's great when you'r S.O. is absorbed in sports on tv because you can play your new computer/console game.

8. You change your haircolor/cut to suit your current PC.

9. People refer to you by the name of your PC/NPC.

10. While other women fantasize about having sex with Vin Diesel, you fantasize about running a game for him. [My comment to her about #10 was... *LOL* This is -so- me! Mine was even better. My fantasy included meeting him in a game shop, talking the gamer talk with him, getting him to come LARP and/or TT game with me THEN having sex with me... in or out of character depending on the situation.]

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