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Several hours later...

Wow. I got off light monetary-wise. The cat is quite pissed at me right now and has been since I got her home. The tuna did not help. However, she did come sit on me. I think because was cold. She still grumbled at me a lot. Especially when I went to move. I think, she might not be feeling well from all of the vaccinations. But, good for her, the one shot that she didn't even notice lasts three years. So, my cat has been vaccinated, examined, tested (negative), weighed (10.6 pounds), shaved (she's looked better but it isn't as bad as I thought) and micro-chipped. All for just at $200. Not to mention, the Redmond Vet Hospital had the best service. I will have no problem going back to them at all. They are within 10 minutes of my home and easy to find. I totally recommend them.

Though, I am betting by the time I get back from my extremely late meeting with the India contingent of our team, the cat will have destroyed something and/or barfed in my shoes and/or crapped on my bed. I will not be surprised at all.

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