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I'm going to cat Hell

I feel awful. I just left Esme at the vet for her check up and shots. The poor thing was really unhappy. They muzzled her, which, in my opinion, saved all of us a few scars. She was non-stop growling from the moment that thing went on. I tried to calm her down but, it didn't work. She isn't going to speak to me for weeks except to barf in my shoes.

They are going to try to shave her without sedation. I say "good luck." I'm betting I'm bringing her back later this week for the sedation and grooming. Much to my relief, all of the nurses and doctors there agreed with me on shaving her. She is having trouble with her fur. She is blowing her undercoat. The best thing to do is to shave it all off and let her grow it out fresh again. Than goodness. They figure they will call me around 1 or 2pm.

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