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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Indulgence which is about the Memorial Day weekend.

June 1

This past weekend was all about indulgence of the best kind. Heather and her new beau, Chris, came up for a whirlwind visit that lead to a very busy and very fun weekend.

Saturday, I went over to Glenn and Andrew's to get my hair done (it was needed desperately) while Heather and Chris did the tourist thing to the Experience Music Project and the Space Needle. Afterwards, we all ended up on the East Side for dinner at Rikki Rikki (yum) then Apples to Apples at my place. That was a blast. We were all up way too late.

Sunday, we hung out and lazed about in the morning before going to go see The Day After Tomorrow. I went to this movie specifically for the special effects. To see Los Angeles destroyed by tornados and New York engulfed by a tide wave. I was not disappointed. There wasn't much of a plot. Just a single-minded effort for a father to reach his son in the frozen New York city. Kind of sappy, really. But, the real star of the show was mother nature being a bitch while ignoring some of the more hokey pseudo-science. I had a blast.

After visiting Robert's apartment (very nice!), we had a weird but fun evening over at Hans' place. There were lots of comings and goings of people. Arriving at different times, needing food and such. But, in the end, we had me, Heather, Chris, Hans, Robert, Phoebe (who just moved up here) and Megan playing Apples to Apples which sparked some amusing game play based on what people knew of each judge.

Monday was a trip back to Glenn and Andrew's place for Heather to do the very brave thing of having 10 inches cut off her hair. It looks really cool. I like it. Then, meeting up with an LJ friend of Chris who turned out to be really neat, loves anime and books. Lucky for me, as I had just finished my last book on my reading pile, I was able to get another seven books for $21 at Twice Told Tales. From there, a rest at home before meeting up with more friends of Chris where I got to, albeit it briefly, meet an STE from the X-box group who will be a good contact for the future.

Heather and I ended the evening with a nice round of girl talk while Chris was still out. It was cool to sit down and have one of those meandering but meaningful conversations with her. We, of course, gossiped about Chris and her life now. But, there was some good discussion of the future, people, art and the like. I have missed having such conversations.

Oh! Yes, I now have all of my paintings from her. They all look spectacular! Especially the commission I had created to go up in the command center window. They look better than I thought they would. I am very pleased. Plus, the painting I call "The Seed" is up in its place. When I wake up in the morning and laze about in bed it is at the perfect spot for me to see it. Man, I enjoy good artwork.

I also have the furby from Kirsti. This is very amusing. It is a wee bit neurotic but amusing nonetheless. My cat can't decide what to make of it as it moves but does not have a smell. Occasionally, I catch her sniffing at it or simply staring at it. I don't think I will come home one day to find it disemboweled but one never knows with Esme.

It was a fine weekend. Up too late. Eating far too much bad food. Much laughter and fond memories. I will miss them. Especially Heather. I really hope certain possible future plans will come to pass.


Perhaps this is another, long term case of procrastination productivity, but I just announced my newest writing project: Grants Pass, a post apocalyptic anthology. The tie-in for all of the stories will be my Grants Pass post and an apocalypse I described to the Live Journal Write_Away community. Part of this project is to help them get used to the idea that submitting work for publication is not as scary as it seems. Part of this project is to let me see how the other half lives. To the point of maybe even pitching the anthology to one of the larger publishing houses.

I honestly don't know how hard this will be nor how many submissions I will get, if any. Some people have promised but I'm having a series of "what if'" thoughts of horrible disaster popping into my head. Everything from "what if everyone thinks this is an awful idea" to "what if I don't get enough submissions" to "what if I'm not up to the job of selecting, editing and placing the stories for the anthology." I know it is first time jitters and, in a way, they are cool to have. In a way, they just plain suck.

Tarot Card for the Day: Nine of Wands, Inverted

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