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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Procrastination Productivity - which is about a tendancy I have noticed in my behavior when I start writing again.

May 24, 2004

Procrastination Productivity
Why is it the moment I set my mind to working on something like the (hopefully) last major revision of Regresser's Evolution, my mind wants to do anything, I mean, ANYTHING, but that. Instead, I have submitted more stuff to Strange Horizons and Quantum Muse. I have written up my review for Darwin's World early and my current want is to write a new Hucked Tankard tale called "The Tankard that Saved a Life." Oh, I also wrote up a really cool dream, called El Diablo Comes, I had recently and edited my Virtua story.

I just don't get it. I know I need to finish off Regresser's Evolution. I know it but I don't seem to want to do it. Of course, the moment I decide I need to work on something else like Kendrick world or Breaking the Chains, Regresser's Evolution looks really attractive. Why is it that I don't seem to be able to work on the stories that I've decided to work on. Instead, in procrastinating on that project, I am really productive on other projects. Is this normal? Or am I, as usual, just weird?

I don't mind being productive on the various projects I have going. Sometimes, it is very helpful. But, it makes me wonder at my lack of disciplined writing. I suppose, if I have enough projects going on, my desire not to work on what is "scheduled" doesn't hurt anything. Unless it is contracted and that is a very different story. There is something about having an official deadline that makes me procrastinate, then do really good work at the end to get it done on time.

In any case, my reading frenzy is nearing its end. I am on my last book in my current "To Read" pile after having finished _Lost in a Good Book_ by Fforde and _Pendulum Project_ by Silverberg. I'm currently on _Pattern Recognition_ by Gibson which has started off better than the last book I read by him. I suppose this is a good thing and is indicating that I'm moving back into a writing phase again. I have so many languishing projects it isn't funny. Plus I want to get back into submitting my work around. This time, I am focusing more on my speculative fiction rather than my erotica. Plus, I have vague thoughts of doing NaNoWriMo for the second part of Regresser's Evolution. I did so well with it the first time I did it, it might do as well again.

I'm doing well on the gaming side of things. It is nice to see that part of my life ramping up again. Yes, I know it is ubergeeky but that's me. My current list of alter egos includes:

  • Lady Tirsani the Noble - D&D3.5, table top - Twice a month game. I am a 16 year old cleric of Siamorphe. She is chosen of the Goddess to bring back an artifact for her people. Currently shipwrecked on an island with a human paladin, a half orc sailor/rogue and an elven fighter.

  • Ximena Harker - Modified WW Vampire, LARP - Once a month game. I am100 year old Malkavian gentlewoman adventuress and author. Recently returned from a two year stint in Egypt with her companion, Dr. Percival Banister, doctor of Archeology. The first night she was back in London, the Prince was murdered.

  • Robobuffy, Chloe Logsdon, Amy Madison - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LiveJournal - No set schedule. Recently on hiatus, this game is slowly coming back to life. I play two core characters and one original character in the live journal game called Sacrificial. We are looking for more players.

  • Taylor Atherton - Modified WW Vampire, online game - This is a rare online game for my character, Taylor, a world renowned photographer has just been ghouled by a Toreador and is slowly learning what this modified world of darkness is like. I can't take what I know about WW Vampire for granted and that is one of the things I really like about it.

  • Ruewella - Modified D&D3.5, online game - Another rare online game where my character, a half elven Ranger has recently been pulled from her world by forces unknown and is seeking a way back home. Along the way she is learning all about this strange world she is in.

    Not bad at all. I would like to have one more semi-regular table top game in there. Though, I don't know where, when or with whom. There is a good possibility that I will be getting into another once a month LARP with the same group that I'm LARPing with now. We'll see how it goes after I do a stint as an NPC.

    Tarot Card for the Day: Eight of Wands, Inverted
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