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Dreamlines... has been updated with El Diablo Comes - This was one of those rare epic dreams that make me want to write a long story around it. I am part of a group of teens working for a man who looks like Anthony Hopkins. We are some sort of elite force that he has no more use for. I am the only one who escapes when he tries to kill us of after a particular hard job. The rest of the dream involves me fleeing from him over various settings but, some how, all of this leads into time travel (I think) loop where I must be saved or the world dies.

El Diablo Comes

The dream started off with me running to the underground shopping mall. I have the sense that this is some sort of Bladerunner like future. I had no money and I was wearing only a hospital gown, a pair of sneakers and a trench coat. I was looking for ways to steal clothing. At one point I found some I could get away with. I tried to put them on discreetly but I ended up showing a whole lot to a whole lot of passer-bys who thanked me for the show. I wasn't embarrassed, just annoyed at the distraction. It occurred to me to go to the ladies room to finish getting myself together.

Once in the ladies room, my mind spun, trying to remember how I had gotten in this predicament. The rest of the dream was a flashback. I was at a school with five or six buddies. We were all in uniform, hanging out. It was clear we ruled the school and we were tough big shots. Then, a man looking like Anthony Hopkins as he did in FreeJack, showed up. We were all very respectful of him and liked him a great deal. He gave us a little speech on how the last job we did for him had been the best. Because of that, we were going to get an extra special reward.

Flash forward to the inside of some sort of amusement park ride. It had made me very nervous. So, when it started, I had adroitly climbed with it to the outside of the cage. This is what saved my life. I'm not sure how the ride killed my peers but, apparently, it did it very messily and I could do nothing to save them as they died. Though, I know I tried.

After that, I jumped down from the ride and started to run. Apparently, the whole amusement park set up was on school grounds. I avoided going into the school building. Instead, I ran down through the parking garage and out the back of it to the rocks. While I was still in the parking garage, Anthony discovered that his trap had not killed all of us and set out looking for me with his goons. He started talking and I could hear him echoing through the garage, "Ah, Jennifer. I should not be surprised at you and your escape. You were always my favorite and always the one who was most dangerous to me. I hope you know that I can't just let you go. I must and will catch you. But, I suppose we can have some fun along the way. Oh, it was very clever of you not to return to the building for your stuff. I taught you well. This will be particularly challenging on both our parts, I think." His voice is so smooth and so confident.

This made me both more afraid and more determined to flee and survive. Behind the parking garage was dirt road, some trees and then the rock city. I fled through the trees to the rock city. There were a bunch of crevices that lead down into a series of caves. You could cross these crevices by traversing over fallen petrified trees that had become stone bridges. I ran as fast as I could but I did not go down into the cave city. I wanted him to think I would because it would be harder to track me there.

I did have one detour where two little girls were looking excitedly and fearfully over the edge at something. They were pointing. "El gato! El gato!" I paused, thinking a cat needed to be saved but, it turned out a large black bear was climbing its way up to get the girls. I easily dispatched it by dropping a rock on its head, making it fall as I told the girls, "That's not a cat. That's a bear. Now, el Diablo is behind us. Run!" They knew what el Diablo meant and heard the urgency in my voice and fled.

I turned away and ran across the top of Rock city until I came to the edge of the regular city, pressed up against the rock. I easily traversed the tops of the buildings and started free climbing down from one building to the ones beneath it. I did this so easily. I was so strong and so limber. It felt good. This was what I was made to do.

I passed some building sport climbers with all their gear and they stared at me in wonder, this girl in nothing but sneakers, a plaid skirt, white bodysuit and white short sleeved blouse scrambling over the buildings without a hint of fear. I looked back at them and could see, past them, Anthony and his goons still following. "El Diablo comes! You must flee!" I took off again, leaping 30-40 feet to the building below and running.

My goal was the military base. The one group I knew el Diablo did not have control over. I was hoping they could help me, somehow. I scrambled from one building to another. I hopped the barbed wire fence and dropped 20 feet into the work yard of the military base, startling three men. I stood up, raising my hands. "I need..." one of them shot me with something. "... help." Then, collapsed. I awoke in a hospital bed with a start. I wasn't dead or in el Diablo's hands. So, that was a plus.

Then, the dream started breaking up into little incoherent scenes.

... An MP rushing into my hospital room with a trench coat. "They made a deal with him. They are going to hand you over. You must flee." He shoved me into the trench coat. "Hit me. Make it good and... good luck. Everything is counting on you now." I punched him in the face as hard as I could.

... I was climbing out of my bedroom window, shoving my feet into sneakers. Mom (a woman who was my mom in the dream but not my mom in real life) was saying, "But why did you have to work for him? I make good money. The courts are always asking for me." My scathing response was, "Oh, don't be so naïve, Mother! You're not that good. It's because I worked for him that you got those jobs. It was a stipulation I push in my agreement with him and now, you've betrayed me!"

... I am standing looking over my own body in a morgue. I am beaten up and shot. "Well, shit. This doesn't look good."

"No, it doesn't." Says another blond haired girl on the other side of my body. "That is why I am going to save you. So you can get this..." she touches an unfamiliar chunky square necklace around my neck, "... to me and save my life. Because, without it, and you, the world dies."

"What??" I ask and the world fades to a fight in an unfamiliar stairwell. There is chaos, shouting and gunfire all around me. "Is this her?" a black woman asks. The blond haired girl nods. "Let's get her out of here before el Diablo comes."


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