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Dreamlines... Realities Within has been updated with Slipstream - This is one of those really fun dreams. It involves time travel, chase sequences, a precious book and sex. Plus, there is this really cool mode of travel in time and space called slipstream that, apparently, was a Nazi secret. Cameo by byrdie.


The dream starts out in 1940's. Bad guys want a book. A researcher who looks like Renee was involved in discovering Nazi secrets. Paranormal secrets, I believe. She has discovered they have been influenced by the future or by another dimension. Her family is killed while she is trying to protect her research. I am there. A neighbor, trying to help with all the weirdness going on. There is also a man is helping. A stranger named Nicholas Brendan (yes, of Buffy fame).

He and I hit it off very well. There is another murder, I think to persuade Renee to give up her book. The police are there as are the bad guys. In the middle of all the chaos, she is trying to flee and they are trying to kill her. I look outside and Renee is there. She is frantic to get away but she has seen the bad guy and knows he will get her this time. She gives me the book and I promise to protect it. She is killed shortly after that. As is Nicholas who was trying to protect her. His body disappears.

I am heartbroken at their deaths. I protect the book. Then, as weeks go by and we are recovering from the shock of the recent murders, a neighbor wants in to talk to me and my family. I know he is on the other side. I don't know how I know. I just do. I have kept the book with me to keep it safe. I need to get away because he has convinced my family to let him in. This means he will either find the book or start killing my family.

In desperation, I read the book and discover about the slipstream. The slipstream is a way of both traveling very fast and moving to a different plane of existence. It can allow you to move in time as well. It turns out, for me, it is a simple thing to do. I enter the slipstream to escape. It looks like rushing anime wind to me. This pushes me forward in time to a time where there are slipstream corps and operatives who work to stop people moving in time and from doing bad things in the past.

Nicholas is there. I am elated that he is not dead. He is surprised. He had only arrived home just a day before. He is healed now but, it was a very close thing. I tell them about the book and tell them about the neighbor who continued to look for the book. This it the last straw, Xander, the man behind all of this, has broken one too many rules. I am given back this precious book in cube format where it is implanted in my leg for safe keeping then Nicholas and I are sent on mission to capture Xander.

Once in Xander's lair, we split up, looking for Xander. I meet up with Nicholas again the bathroom. He is very surprised. I stop him from talking, from insisting we continue on with the mission and seduce him. {Me: "I can't help it. You, me, a secret mission, the thrill, the danger, me in a very short skirt and a thong..." Him: "You are very naughty, aren't you." Me: "You have no idea." Him: "I'm willing to find out.") The mission is interrupted for some wild monkey sex in the bathroom in various positions. Once we are done, Nicholas murmurs to me, "That was well worth it." Then, kisses me again, pressing something to my neck to make me lose consciousness.

When I wake up, I am lying on the couch in Xander's office where it turns out that Xander and Nicholas are twins. Something everyone neglected to mention. Obviously, I seduced the wrong one. (But, damn, was he good.) He is going to question me about the book and the secrets within it but I slipstream out. The ease of my slipstreaming surprises him. There is a huge slipstream chase all over the place. I am actually quite clever. Unfortunately, I don't know the area so I am caught by Nick and Tony who are, good-naturedly, just following orders and enjoyed the challenge.

As I'm pulled back in the office, I "call" for help in the form of my familiars before they can stop me. This upsets Xander and he has to move faster than he wants with my interrogation. I am bound and waiting as they discuss the interrogation techniques. I watch a bunch of their animal familiars in green and black uniforms patrol the halls, wondering why the heck all the familiars are little dogs and not something more useful like panthers. I see that my two white poodle familiars have infiltrated them. They come to rescue me but one is stopped by someone wanting to pet her. The other comes over and starts chewing on my bonds. I despair from escaping before the torture begins but the dog chewing my bonds lets me know my main familiar, a white Chinese dragon (a la Spirited Away), is coming to rescue me and he is pissed.


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