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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Plays Well With Others - which is about some of my ponderings on how I interact with people as well as my 15 week stats from the 20/20 program.

May 3
Plays Well With Others

Recently, I've been thinking about how I interact with other people. In general, I play well with others. I'm willing to compromise, to listen, to brainstorm, to follow, to lead or whatever my playmates want to do. However, just because I play well with others, it doesn't mean I share well with others. I think, on some things, it is all a matter of control. There are three things that I know I don't share well: my car, my library and my money.

With my car, I don't share well because it is a symbol and a means of my independence. I will happily give people rides as long as I'm driving. It is a very rare thing that I let someone other than me drive my car and always while I'm with them. I never, ever loan out my car. To anyone. I have no idea what they will do with my car while they have it. I don't want to risk losing it to someone else's mistake.

With my library, I don't share well because, not only am I a bibliophile, I have this thing about collecting sets and series. Especially with books. I'll loan out CDs and DVDs with no problem but, If I loan you a book, boy, I must really like and trust you a lot. Books have a way of never being returned. I've lost more books that way. Also, in the past, if I did get the book back, it was often mangled. Now, I don't keep my books pristine but, I don't dog-ear books, rip pages and I don't read them in the tub where they can be dropped.

With my money, I don't share control of it well because it is my independence. I'll loan and give away money but, at this point, I cannot fathom what it would be like to merge my money with someone else's into a single bank account. I am absolutely paranoid about paying bills on time and keeping my debt as low as possible. Giving up even partial control of my money would show not only trust but the willingness to let someone else be partly responsible for my well-being.

Thinking about this, I guess, I have real issues where my independence and self reliance is concerned. I'm happy to share most things but not those things that mean the most to me. I'll share my books, car and money but only if I'm in control. I know that. I'm trying to decide if this discovery is a personal flaw of mine or if it is nothing more than discovering my personal boundaries. Honestly, I'm leaning towards the latter because I feel absolutely no compunction to modify any of this behavior of mine.


I've started the Microsoft Engineer Excellence Guideline Course for New Testers. This is an 8 session course put on by Microsoft, for Microsoft employees. I am already impressed with the guy teaching the class, BJ. He is a very dynamic person who is passionate about teaching and about testing. The point of view that he is coming from and is teaching us to move toward is not one I've really encountered before.

Honestly, it is rather interesting to learn new theory about a field I have been working in for over ten years. Actually, it's not a new theory. It was discussed back in the 1970's. However, I had never been taught these theories on what testing is, what quality is, what the purpose of testing is and how to reach these goals. I think the most interesting quote about testing was, "Test is not about finding bugs. That is just a cool side effect."


This last week was a perfect example of why taking measurements is an excellent thing to do in any exercise and diet program. I just had my fifteen week stats done. In the last five weeks, I have only lost 6 pounds. However, I have gained 9 pounds of lean muscle mass, giving me a total fat loss of 15 pounds. Not bad at all. Even better and more expressive of the changes to my body, in the last five weeks, I've lost over 3 inches off my hips, 2 inches off my waist and an inch off my chest. In just five weeks. That is just absolutely amazing and gratifying to me. It also helped stave off the depression I was feeling.

My 15 week stats:
Weight: -28 lbs
Blood Pressure: Down to 116/78
Chest: -3.5 inches
Waist: -5.25 inches
Hips: -9.5 inches (woot!)
Bicep: -2.0 inch (x2)
Thigh: -2.5 inches (x2)
Total inches lost: -27.25 inches. I'm pretty happy with these numbers.
BMI: -8.6%

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