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Ok. Recently, I got it in my head to shave my head. Now, wait. Hear me out. In five weeks, I finish phase one of the 20/20 program. In August, I finish phase 2 (maintenance) of the program. At that time, I decided I wanted to stop dyeing my hair black and go back to either fully natural (not likely) and or that cool burgundy red I like so much. However, black is black and it is really hard to go back from it. So, I have some options: keep the long hair and go two-toned for a long time, cut my hair short and deal with the two-tone thing for a short time, shave my head and wear wigs while it grows out or do the cool rawker chick thing.

Poll #284759 The Great Hair Poll!

Should I shave my head?

You go girl!
Perhaps, you should try the short haircut instead
For the love of God, girl, no!
I refuse to be held responsible for assisting you in this decision.

What color should I dye my hair?

Keep it black, I like it.
Go back to the natural you.
Red all the way, baby!
Ever thought of going blond instead?
I refuse to be held responsible for assisting you in this decision.

Any other thoughts on what I should or shouldn't do with my hair?


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