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Dreamlines... Realities Within has been update with CDC & The Riddle - So, this is what happens when you watch Cowboy Bebop before going to bed. Those who know the movie will see it's influences in the dream. While getting my hair done, I have a run in with the CDC. After I escape, I end up in a junior high school, looking for shoes to steal and run into a couple of interesting people. Appearances by rhonan, sylvan and vmurther.

CDC & The Riddle

I had a baby with me. I think it was mine. Maybe. I would go to a friend's house to get my hair cut. Then, I would go grocery shopping. I did this several times. Except one time, I brought a friend with me to the hair dressers. I asked him to do the grocery shopping for me while I got my hair done. I asked him to take the baby with him and teased him when he expressed doubt.

He went. While I was waiting to get my hair done in this house, something bad happened. Someone went insane and started shooting people. I don't know who. I remember as people scrambled to run or hide, I hid under the dining room table with the cats. When I tried to leave, to escape, I saw that the CDC was there to round up the insane one, affected by a chemical, and everyone else, just in case. They had machine guns. I saw one of the cats escaping, too. I decided to catch the cat and take it to them to make it look like I was cooperating.

However, I did this so I could escape. I caught the cat in the street. It struggled and tried to bite me as I brought it to the animal control people. At first, they were surprised and didn't want to take the cat. When I told them that CDC people wanted the cat, they took it. As they struggled to get the unhappy cat in the cage, I walked off, not wanting to answer any questions and to get away while everyone was distracted.

It was night again. As I turned the street, I started a light jog and realized I had no shoes on. Only socks. I looked and saw in the distance, a high school and knew there was a football game going on. I figured I could go there and steal a pair of shoes from the girls' locker room. I walked past a couple of fast food joints where lots of kids were hanging out on my way to the high school.

But, once I got to the school, I found it to be a junior high and instead of a football game, there was a banquet and a play going on. As I wandered through the school, looking for the locker room, I looked outside and saw that it was both daytime now and the school was next to a cornfield. As I thought about this, I walked into the band room. Two older guys were there. They reminded me of Rhonan and Sylvan. I sat down and started talking to them. We joked and laughed and Sylvan asked me why I didn't have any shoes on. Thinking fast, I told him I had lost a bet. I could not guess a riddle. So, I had to go without shoes for a week. They looked skeptical. I asked them if they wanted to hear the riddle.

Thinking fast, I said. "I am unseen but I am still felt. I am softer than a rose petal and stronger than a mighty cliff. What am I?" I knew the answer to the riddle I had just made up was "Wind."

Sylvan laughed and said, "Me!"

They couldn't guess the riddle and I wouldn't tell them the answer. We talked for a long, long time. Until Rhonan wanted to light a candle for me for warmed. I demurred but he insisted because I was cold. We talked some more until I fell asleep where I sat. Then, the guys left me to rest. When I awoke, Monte was standing in the doorway, wearing his long black trench coat. I knew he was a bounty hunter and was charged with taking me back to the CDC. Looking at him as I woke up fully, I tried desperately to think of a way to escape. I couldn't think of anything. We stared at each other for a long time.


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