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The game that would not leave me alone...

Yep, Marrach is back. This time, an "initiate" (one of the ranks I established) has emailed me for my notes on the classes I taught, the text of the lectures and has asked for advice on how to deal with the hopefuls - keeping them involved, watching them, behavior expectations, etc... I left over two years ago now. From the sounds of it, the sorcery section hasn't improved much. Also, it sounds like the sorcery storyplotter (whoever that may be now) hasn't been supporting the sorcery players very well.

Honestly, my first thought was to tell this person that I have nothing to do with Marrach anymore and to please leave me alone. But, the email was very nice and just wanted information and guidance. I know I shouldn't slam this player because of how other, far less socially adept, players used to harass me. Still, it makes me wonder if I am going to be connected to Marrach for the rest of my life.

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