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Hmmm. I seem to have caused a small uproar within my circle of friends from my last Abstract Thoughts journal entry where I mention that "I'm dating again and loving it." I figure that the easiest way to reach everyone who has contacted me over that one casual statement is to explain what I meant by it, here.

Who are you dating?
Various people. Some known to some. Some known to others. Some known just to me. (IE: outside most of my circles of friends.)

Anyone special?
Well, all of them (that I've seen more than once) are special in their own way. But, no. I'm not dating just one person.

Why haven't you written about it?
Simply put, these people are entitled to their privacy. It's not right for me to mention them in a public forum if they either do not know about the public forum or don't want to be mentioned in a public forum. Also, I have written about it... just in the private part of my journal.

Why haven't you told ME about it?
Cause it didn't occur to me. Cause I didn't want to make anything seem like a big deal when it wasn't. Cause I didn't really want to tell anyone. Cause I'm just getting back into the dating scene and I'm not really being blatant about it.

Are you polyamorous?
Yep. Well, yes. I believe so. But I've never been in a long term poly relationship. I'm certainly willing to give it a go, though. I can see many benefits in it.

Are any of the people you are dating polyamorous?
That's a question I'm not willing to answer right now.

Are we going to hear about any of these guys or dates in the future?
Maybe. I don't know. It depends on the guy and the date.

How's your social calendar looking?
Somewhat full but some things can be shifted for the right invitation. *grin*

I hope that's satisfied everyone's curiosity. I know you all are really happy for me and want to make sure I'm being careful/safe/etc... I am. Really, I am. Thank you for caring.

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