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Dreamlines... has been updated with Vampire Guardians - This is the kind of dream worthy of having a story written around it. I've just become a vampire, one of six, who, with the help of three humans, routinely saves the world. The people involved come from all walks of life. Cameos by random_girl, britgeekgrrl, dancingshaman and vmurther.

Vampire Guardians

I had recently, and rather reluctantly, become a vampire. I don't know who was my sire but I do know why this happened. One of the Guardians had died and I was to replace him. We were at a school that reminded me of University of Portland. I was following Lori through the library to get to the sanctum. It was really confusing. We had to literally go into files inside a filing cabinet. A guy stopped to question us in a weird manner. Turns out he was one of the human guardians and they had been speaking in code.

Once we finally arrived, I was surprised to see who else was involve. The guardian vampires were: Johanna (friend), Lilly (co-worker), Col. Jack O'Neal (SG-1), Major Sam Carter (SG-1), Lori (friend) and me. The human guardians were Alex (friend), Monte (friend) and another guy I didn't know.

It was explained to me that every certain number of days, the great machine would activate and we were there to power it. The machine would [do something] to [stop something] from destroying the world. Then, it was time. There were six grooves in the walls and floor that went to a center basin. Water started flowing. Within the water was a line of blood.

First, the vampires drank from the blood in the water. Then, they place their forehead down into so a line of blood would cross the forehead. Finally, the vampire guardians stood against the grooves and let the blood and water flow over them. In the center of the room, the three humans stood in a circle with their backs to the basin. The power of the nine - six vampires and three humans - caused energy to shoot up from the basin to do whatever it was it needed to do.

As I stood under the running water and blood, I distinctly remember thinking, "Finally, this will satisfy my need for ritual."

Flash to a classroom at the school where a sullen looking girl is gripping her desk, looking horrified. In the front right of the classroom, only she can see the sanctum and our party going on after saving the world. She is having some sort of psychic vision. I am asking Johanna how to survive without killing. She hands me a tumbler full of blood, laced with something euphoric and tells me, "We don't have to kill and we have a good supply of blood but occasionally, we find someone worthy of being eaten and do so."


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