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Interesting day

It's been an interesting day. I didn't make it to Norwescon because my plans and contingency plans fell through. So, I planned to go see "Ella Enchanted" with Lori, David, Jeff and Gina. However, I tweaked my knee last night and screwed it more in my work out thus decided stay home to ice and elevate it.

A little after 1pm, heard *BOOM* and all power went out. There was a pause, power started to come back on and heard a second *BOOM* and power died. It stayed dead this time. I had no power for about 90 minutes. So, I called zunger to catch up and started reading Cthulhu Dark Ages. Power came back on but no cable at all. No TV, no internet. No worries. I ended up watching all of Shamanic Princess and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

By 7pm, no internet still and I was feeling my net withdrawal shakes. Plus, I was feeling stir crazy. Off to Hans' place to meet up with the video game playing crew over there. Hans said that 3 transformers blew up while Robert said he was close enough to hear all three and feel shock waves. No word on why they blew.

So, I have the net back, albeit borrowed, and I'm watching video games. So, I'm feeling pretty good.

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