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Rainbow Interrupted.

Abstract Thoughts has been updated: "TTB Go BOOM."

I saw the coolest thing on the way home: An interrupted rainbow.

No, seriously. The weather has been really twitchy all day, switching between rain and sunshine. Me, the eternal optimist, loves rainbows, so I was looking for one on the way home. I kept seeing this weird flattish looking rainbow fragment and didn't understand how that could be.

Then, we got to a point in the drive where I could see the hills and suddenly, I understood the flatteness but was confused by what I saw. The middle part of the rainbow was missing. I saw the first third, then nothing, then the last third.

"How can that be?" I asked Casey.

"It's the cloud cover. There's no sun there."

I looked back and sure enough, that part of the hill was dark and shaded. I realized that that I had been so enamored with the rainbow and its strangeness that I had not looked at the whole picture. Suddenly, it was clear, the sunny spots on either side of the cloud shaded hill and the rainbow fragments. It was so neat!

"Rainbow Interrupted." Casey said.

"Rainbow Interrupted." I repeated. "There's a story in that somewhere."

Casey just laughed at me.

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