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Me, Mom & Hellboy

Me: A bunch of my friends are going to go see Hellboy tomorrow night. Do you want to go?

Mom: *enthusiastic* Yes! I would!

Me: *surprised* You would?

Mom: Yeah. You're father never wants to go to fun movies like that.

Me: Wow. Ok. You'll get to meet some of my friends.

Mom: Well, if you don't want me to embarass you by being weird...

Me: Mom, no worries. This crowd -is- weird. Though, the movie starts at 7pm.

Mom: Oh, that's OK. I go to bed at 10pm.

Me: 7pm is 10pm here, Mom. You'd be going to be more like 1am.

Mom: Oh! Oh... Darn.

Me: That's alright. How about we go take in a matinee and not worry about the crowds. Then, we can go out to dinner.

Mom: That sounds great!

(The trip is going well so far. We have agreed to disagree on religion and politics and not discuss them. I told her about my future plans and she's a bit leery of them, thinking maybe just a move to a different part of MS would fix my current feelings on my job.)

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