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Being sick and having strange dreams

Being sick sucks rocks. I'm home today. Trying to work - really. I have a deadline. But, I think I caught Ben's cold and it is throwing me for a loop.

Since I've had this cold, I've had the same basic dream every night. It involves a lot of water, flooding and being in water. But, not once am I afraid of drowning. I'm not sure I've been truly scared in any of it.

The first night was my own "The Day After Tomorrow" with the oceans rising to the top of the skyscraper that I was on with other people. Eventually, the whole thing got really cold and I had to save a litter of kittens once I was finally on a boat. The second night involved a lot of night swimming from boat to boat. I don't remember to what purpose. The third night, last night, involved a sudden flood and rising of water. I ended up underwater a lot but I never felt really in danger. Just a determination to complete my goal.

I'm not sure why I'm dreaming of so much water and being in water.

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