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Me and my screwy dreams... Gates of Heaven - Once again, another screwy dream with appearances by zunger, jrpseudonym and artistic_chaos. I'm left behind after a robbery. Angry, I seek out Yony who is working on an odd project that will get him to the "Gates of Heaven" where he's going to by his way in. If Robert doesn't kill him first.

Gates of Heaven

There was a robbery by Yony and Robert and, I believe a third man. The dream started with me knowing this. Somehow, I got caught, hanging upside down in a closet (reminiscent of the Hanged Man tarot card). Yony left me there as I was shouting for him to come back and help me. He didn't, he was focused on his plan. I'm not sure he even heard me.

Then, another man came up to me and started talking to me. Telling me that I would have to die or shoot Robert because he was coming for me. The man, a professor, handed me a machine pistol. He was talking to himself more than me. Talking about how it had to look good and he (Robert) had to feel like he was in danger. The professor bent down and turned the gun on. The side of the machine pistol lit up. "That should do it." The professor said, satisfied.

A shot rang out and the professor dropped, "Yes, it should. Well done." Robert stood there holding a smoking gun. He said something else to me and left, leaving me there, still hanging.

Somehow, I got myself free and I knew that Yony had headed to Heather's place, high in the mountains. I traveled there, looking for Yony. I think, I wanted yell at him for leaving me in the closet. When I got there, Heather met me and told me that both Yony and Robert were there. There was an uneasy truce between them. She thought that Robert was just waiting for the right time to kill Yony and take the money while Yony was only focused on his plan, which somehow involved the money.

I found Yony and started talking with him. I was mad at him but he didn't understand what he did wrong, "You left me hanging in a closet!" "But, I had to get here to work on my project." Finally, I asked him what he was working on. It turns out, he was making an air raft. It was a simple raft with helium balloons. "I have a lot of helium." I asked him were he was going. He told me, "I'm going up to the gates of Heaven and when I get there, I'm going to buy my way in." He indicated a pile of money.

At this point, I decided he was completely insane. I didn't know if the "Gates of Heaven" was an actual place or if he really meant the Biblical heaven. I think I tried to convince him not to do it. I'm not sure if I succeeded because I got tossed into another dream place. I don't think I did.

This other dream place was a house with a war going on outside. It looked like Middle Earth was invading the Earth. Then, it looked as if it was a re-enactment for such a battle. The "hobbit" who was to be sacrificed was missing and somehow, I ended up having to take his place because I didn't want to be caught in the house. I headed out to the battle field and "hid" in my spot. Some of the warriors saw me and were surprised. "It's a woman this time. A woman is trying to sneak through. This'll be a good fight!"

Suddenly it was "Game On!" and the fighting started. My task was to get to other side of the battle field. Then, right in front of me, Yony and Robert were sword fighting. I know they were on opposite sides but I didn't know whose side I was on. Then, Yony killed Robert and laughed as he fell to the ground. "How do you like Heaven, Jennifer? Isn't it marvelous?" He asked as he reached for me.


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