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Home Again, Home Again....

Heya! Home again from Howard's Jedi game. Good fun was had by all but Howard had some serious mindfuck moments - at least for me/my character there were...

... [IC] Like one of the dark jedi we ran into (who knew all about Deirdre), screwing with Deirdre's mind and stealing her light saber. (Just as she was beginning to learn the two handed style as well, dammit!)

... [IC] Like the same dark jedi mentioning over the comm unit that one of our crew was a clone. *twitch* Well, we all know about dark jedi trying to sew distrust in the ranks. But, if there is a clone, I got a good idea of who it is. (The very same character, Celon, that britgeekgrrl mentions as a possible race to see who kills him first.)

... [OOC] A 2nd dark jedi in contact with Celon offering him the power to turn the heart of the one he desires. *twitch* But that incest is frowned upon *violent twitch*

Quick background. Celon looks just like Thrawn (being of the same race and all) and really wants to BE Thrawn. Deirdre -is- Thrawn illegitimate daughter... These wee facts leading my mind to the thought: Celon is a Thrawn clone who is unconsciously in love/lust/huh(?) with Deirdre, who, in a biological sense (I guess) is his daughter?


As a player, I really wish I had not heard that little mind conversation between Celon and the 2nd dark jedi. Not only is it really a twitchy thing to think about but it is not something that would EVER occur to Deirdre. Ever. She thinks of Celon as a mysoginistic arrogant twit whose lust for power and weak will is going to lead him to the Dark Side one day and she is going to be forced to kill him. (This is an opinion Celon knows... cause he went wandering through Deirdre's head one day without her permission. She doesn't know he did it either.) Of course, if this infatuation of Celon's true, it would explain some of his actions towards Deirdre.


So, enough about the game. Listening to "American Gods" to and from Alex and Johanna's place was awesome. It makes the trip go by really fast. Though, I think I am going to have to get a little ear mike for one ear because my tape recorder really isn't loud enough for me to hear the story sometimes.

Speaking of the story... wow... "American Gods" is interesting, intriguing and weird. I have no real idea of what is actually going on, yet. But, it seems that Gods are returning to the earth and need worshippers and helpers. Which Gods? No clue. Of course, I'm only just past the first chapter. It is well written. That's for sure.

Well, it's way late... again... Bedtime for this one. Night!

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