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What I want....

GothBoiBlinkie: SO what do you want to do? If anything?

GaanEden: What I want to do is lay on a beach somewhere and let the sun beat down on me while a mild wind cools me off. I want one of those fruity drinks with lots of alcohol in them that taste like fruit punch, so I can get quietly drunk in a pleasantly lazy manner. Then, I want a handsome man to come to me, gently tell me to flip over so he can slather warm sunscreen all over my back with firm hands. Somewhere along the line, I want someone to start planning and cooking a lovely light meal for me and my backrubbing companion. In short, I want to relax and to be pampered.
GaanEden: You?

GothBoiBlinkie: Sounds good can I join you?

GaanEden: Sure. :-) As long as I'm dreaming big, I might as well bring my friends along for the ride.

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